Wednesday, September 20, 2017

You Sure You're Not afraid of Controversy?

There are times when, similar to any kind of physical exercise, that we feel like bending or "cracking" our brains a bit. One of the best ways I do this to my own grey matter, is by reading authors who are opinionated and have the habit of publishing their thoughts into books that I can get my "idea hungry" hands on.

Do I only pick authors I am prone to agree with? Nope.....What would be the fun of that???

Reading all kinds of authors helps us to "educate" our own world view to include those who come from a very different life experience than our own. It helps empower my own ability to
  form and defend or else courageously discard a few of my own strongly held beliefs.

Looking for some controversial authors to "crack open" your own mind to new ideas and perspectives.??

Perhaps this list may inspire or repel you.....but it most certainly will help you dare to think outside your own box of comfort once in a while.....Tis a cool habit.

 Wangari Maathai

Vandana Shiva

Jeremy Rifkin

Heidi Baker

Derek Foster

Alan Corey


In Peaceful Productivity,