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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Are you Fostering Innovation?

Now I don't hold any judgement here about where your priorities lie. I just want to be able to spell out things that need to be put into words.

Some of us are becoming MORE dependent upon others as their years progress. More dependent on the electrical grid which is governed and maintained by "big brother".,...and perhaps More dependent on the health care provided by "big brother".

And then there are those who are determined to learn more on their own terms. They teach themselves how to heal themselves with herbs and local foods. They learn how to power their homes locally with funny looking solar/wind projects. They learn how to grow some veggies in compost in their back yards. They save up sealed jars of yeast, so that they'll be able to bake their own bread if the super market food chain system breaks down..

How dependent or independent we become is a very personal choice and I will not judge as to which way of life is better or "superior". Each lifestyle has it's merits.

I am only saying that it has and continues to give me great joy whenever I continue to make and create stuff with my own two hands. It is incredibly empowering and fulfilling. But I also do admit that most of what

propels my life and the life of my family has not been created by my own will, but rather by the will of hundreds of corporations and several layers of government.

I am not endorsing extremism. I am also not a homesteader. But I must admit that I do get great inspiration from those who do homestead! I find their resourcefulness to be very motivating. Linking up with some homesteaders that you admire is a great way to glean free d.i.y. formulas and recipes.....even if you just want to try it on a low key basis....like once a year...when you feel like it.

So I want to challenge you today. Maybe you are intimidated by the thought of doing anything

"large" in an independent fashion. But I want to encourage you today....maybe you could just try doing one small tiny thing on an independent basis.

Maybe you hate knitting but you love baking? Have you tried creating your own "sour dough" from scratch?  It's readily available to learn from youtube.....( as depicted in the great vid above) It might just empower your own sense of control over your future food supply.

Peaceful productivity,


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