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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The Quickest Cheapest Way to Save on Liquid Laundry Soap

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So these are the simple items I use to "make" homemade laundry soap now a days. And yes, for the record, I still use the store bought liquid stuff too....but when I'm feeling like being "pioneer woman-ish" and saving a buck or two, I get to work with this simple process.

Technically, grating Linda Laundry Soap bars and cooking down the shavings with water does not really equate with "making" the soap from scratch....but for me, it's do-able, easy and low cost....which is the priority.

Linda Laundry soap bars are, as of October 2017, being sold in Ontario "No Frills" stores for $1.19 Canadian per bar.

You can use just one "Linda Laundry Soap Bar" to fill 2-3 extra large recycled liquid laundry soap jugs, once you dilute the mixture well with water.

Using a simple kitchen grater does the trick.....
If you don't want to make a really large batch of laundry soap, you can save the extra grated Linda Laundry Soap in zip lock bags for the next time you're feeling crafty.

You can add about 1 cup of shavings if you are trying to make at least one large jug of liquid laundry soap. This type of laundry soap has a tendency to get "gell-ish" so don't be afraid to dilute it well, it will prevent it from clumping up and clogging in the jug.
After  cooking down the shavings with water....I use a strainer in order that I don't unknowingly allow any clumps into the jug. I hate finding soap clumps on my freshly laundered clothes......no matter what kind of soap I am using.....so using a cheap strainer can help prevent that. A cheap plastic funnel helps direct the flow so that I won't spill any of the contents as I re-fill the jug.

As you can see, the jugs I recycle are the extra large ones. If I bought a new one in a local store I would spend from at least $8 up to $45 for laundry soap. Any way you slice it.....grating, cooking down and diluting is a great money saver if you like to save some coin.

May God bless and empower your crafty side and money saving skills.
 Peace, Carla.