Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Factual Helps for Depression

Similar to Tim Ferriss' Uber search for

empirical evidence to help him "mitigate"( to use his word) the depression he has experienced at times in his life.

I want to begin a list of what has helped me upon occasion deal with the same.....
It is in no way, a recommendation and should not be misconstrued as medical advice of any kind.
Disclaimer: This post is shared for conversational purposes and the author and publisher of this blog does not take any kind of legal liability for any reaction or understanding of the contents of this blog post.

1/drinking water
2/ putting my glasses on ...funny how that actually makes a difference.
3/ listening to my fave positive speakers via youtube video, CD's or Podcasts or other audio downloads/files.
4/ intellectual gains....such as listening to a Fay Dowker physics seminar, or strolling in my fave trendy bookstore....checking out the latest issue of Success or a gander at a book completely beyond me, but wonderfully compelling. Better yet,  jotting down the titles of the books that compel my vision so that later I can source out cheaper options to find those same titles for free or next to nothing.
5/Taking a dose of St.John's Wort ( a natural herbal supplement available in many health food stores or department store health sections)( seek Medical permission before using and during use.)
6/ sunshine....just enough to light up your eyes, but not too much as to risk sun damage to your eyes or your skin.
7/ Taking one baby step towards any of my written goals....any micro tiny step will do.
As Tony Robbins says succinctly...that "Happiness is progress."
You are alive and YOU HAVE GOALS. You are moving forward. Even the most miniscule step towards fulfilling any of your written goals will bring light to your eyes and a subtle grin to your stride.
9/ walking....five minutes....anywhere.....and my kooky habit of trying to mark my trail with something
environmentally cool, something I can tie onto a tree I pass by or a fence I jump over...without worrying that it might damage that tree. The markers remind my soul by leaving a visual reminder that I have ventured out into unknown lands.

Hoping this wee list may bring light to someone's heavy heart ..or perhaps a giggle... You are not alone, and we all have moments of sadness sometimes. I encourage you to call your licensed medical practitioner and listen to their advice in your journey back to joyous living.


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