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Monday, May 23, 2016

Your Own Genius

Well, our childhoods don't last forever....and no matter whether those years were positive or negative, there comes a stage in adulthood, where one begins to realize that we need to
  protect and nurture those qualities about ourselves that we value most.

For example, if you want to continue to play the piano that you learned as a child, you are going to have to keep a keyboard or old school piano around in your dwelling somewhere and keep at it. Even if you only play it once every three months or so, you will keep your skills alive and fresh in your short term memory.

What you attend to regularly will stay fresh in your mind and remain a part of your life.

So...back to my original thought.

If you want to keep your genius......... we are going to have to figure out how to nurture it. It's one thing to nurture the genius in your own child, as they are young and still under your care. But it is a whole 'nother thing to nurture the genius in yourself, as you age and embrace middle age.When your lifestyle and life stages change, your strategy for self-care needs to change too.

What is THAT going to take? How are we going to nurture our own genius, continuously as we age?
How can we incubate the genius that is lying dormant within us?
Well, I don't pretend to have the answers....but here are a few random ideas:

1/ Protect your fave "think" spot. Maybe it's a quiet room in your home. Maybe you need to protect it from
some other household purpose and preserve it for your thinking time.
 (hint:don't let the vaccuum cleaner be stored there :)
It's called your own personal THINK TANK. It's important. It's personal. Guard it and protect it.

2/ Make it a priority to simply feed that wonderful brain of yours with empowering mental "food".
Yes, I have loads of ideas about that, but it's not about my opinions, it about what nurtures
YOUR genius.....not mine. What nurtures my genius is not the same as what makes your brain explode with creativity. The authors that make my mind thrive are not the same as yours.

By the way, one hurdle I had to overcome, as I began to explore new thinkers and authors, was to allow myself to read and learn from people with whom I had HUGE personal differences.
You see, I used to think, that in order for me to able to glean any quality information from a writer/thinker, I had to be in 100% agreement with the lifestyle and beliefs of that particular writer/thinker.
Boy, it was a huge relief to get free from that VERY VERY limiting mindset.
For it was literally IMPOSSIBLE for me to find the information I was seeking from ANYONE who believed the same things I did. Therefore, I changed my mindset and am now free to learn from whatever person or source I choose, no matter if I have REALLY big personal differences and belief systems than that particular writer or thinker.

3/ Protect your 'Noggin. Literally. Your brain is your greatest asset....and it's not going to help you if you split your wig in a bicycle accident, because you just didn't wanna protect your brain with a helmet.
Protect your brain whenever you play aggressive sports too.  A puck to the head is not going to help you nurture your genius. Guard that brain of yours with physical barriers to impact. Wear your seat belt when you are in a vehicle. It makes sense.

Well,that's all for now.
In peaceful productivity,

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