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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Doggy Bone Soap....Homemade and EASY PEASY

Well, this is my second batch of home made soap. Looks like a doggy bone but smells like a gingerbread cookie and lathers up great.
You can see the link to the recipe below and all I added was my own preferred amounts of dried cinnamon and clove spices. Then I cut it into pieces after it hardened enough after 24-48 hours and I've been letting it dry and cure for at least 4 more weeks. I was hoping to wait 6 weeks before trying it out, but just couldn't wait!

And yes again, I did NOT have to go out and buy expensive items in order to learn how to make my own soap.
No weigh scale was needed, and I stirred it myself with a wooden stir stick. No need to buy a stick blender unless you really want to.....
The only curious thing about this soap is that due to the spices I used it does have a brownish tinge to the lather... Hmmm I wonder if it would leave a bit of color residue on cotton clothing if some dripped onto it by mistake. Not sure yet how that all works ")

Want to learn how to make your own soap from scratch like I did?The old fashioned way? Just go to
Their instructions are easy to follow and in my estimation...superb!

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