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Friday, July 3, 2015

Allow for Processing Time when you Dally in the Scriptures

Truth be told, this post might be just a little bit more comfortable for Christians to read than others, just because it's focus is about how we read the Scriptures.
If you're not sure what I mean by "Scriptures"....I mean the Holy Bible....such as that is known as, for example.....in the King James Version, the Amplified version or etc...

Many Christians spend time regularly in reading the bible, however, I wanted to talk today about what we do immediately following that time of bible reading. Do we cram our thoughts with yet another christian book or a recording of a preacher? Do we feel that we must utter words after a time of scripture reading?

I was pondering today that perhaps it makes more sense sometimes.....after you have spent a chunk of time reading the bible, that you allow yourself to float and ponder for a quiet period of time.

For example, let's say you spent 10 solid minutes reading the bible out loud. Well , what are you going to do immediately following that time? Are you going to talk AT God and tell him a whole flood of words? Or are you going to try to read someone else's interpretation of what you have just read in the bible?

Well, I am going to suggest that you allow God's Holy Spirit for a period of about maybe 20-30 minutes after bible reading to kind of "carry" you. Be still and very quiet....even if you start doing some basic task like
washing the dishes or clipping the hedges, or sweeping the floor. Stay quiet and allow that time you spent in His Word to sink in.

Try not to get too intense about it all. "Trying" in a really stressful way can actually kill the flow of the Holy Spirit in your day. Just stay peaceful and keep your heart in a "listening to God" kinda mode for that period of time immediately following reading the bible.

I have found it be most refreshing....to insist upon that "resting" period after allowing the Bible to carve out new paths in my brain.

Can ya'll relate to what I am telling you?

Wishing you peace and quiet rest,

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