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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Small Gains are Better than NO Gains

I recall listening to yet another of Tony Robbin's videos online and I appreciated what he was talking about in terms of "gradual gains".

Sometimes when/if one gets caught up in the "self help" motivation world, that folks just start making WILD long range goals that are really really large. Now, I'm not against making LARGE goals....however, I believe in taking SMALL steps towards LARGE goal.

For instance.....if someone is trying to lose a HUGE amount of weight, it may actually be broken down into measureable gains of losing just one wee pound at a time. We humans usually don't lose huge chunks of weight at a time, unless we are having some kind of surgical procedure. There we have to learn how to celebrate small steps accomplished. Lost one Pound? Celebrate that small step. No matter how many long term pounds you want to lose....it's important to focus on losing just one small pound at a time.

Same thing goes for financial gains. 99.9% of folks who make it rich, don't gain their wealth overnight in one huge big win. The financial gains come in smaller more bite size bits and spurts. Maybe you are trying to get out from under hundreds of thousands of dollars of consumer debt. But maybe the answer is not in the BIG chunks of debt, but rather in many small hundred dollar gains. Slowly but surely paying off debt, is not as sexy as paying it off in one showy extravaganza, but it may be more realistic for most of us.

So, in a nutshell, just permit yourself the small wins FIRST before demanding to win the BIG fish.
Before you figure out how to save many thousands of dollars, ya might need to celebrate the saving of just one dollar at a time.

Peaceful productivity.

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