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Friday, October 24, 2014

How Badly Do You Want That?

I was perusing Tim Ferriss's blog again today. It's not for the faint of heart.
It brought to my mind that nagging question:
How Badly Do I Want what I Want?

Maybe you've started something new lately....started a new work out, or are thinking about applying
for some new college course. Perhaps it's something much more urgent and intense that involves uprooting yourself to a new city or a new job.

Well, let's chat a bit. How badly do you want what you have set your sights on?
How badly do you want this new job? Are you willing to move to a new town? A new province, another country? Your first response is usually the most accurate. Don't over-think it....just jot down your answers on a clean sheet of paper or on a your notepad on your phone.

Fill in the blanks:  .I want __________ so badly that I am willing to change my ___________
in order to achieve or get ______________. But I am  not willing to give up _________ to achieve or get __________.

This simple self assessment tool will help you see what might be holding you back. Maybe your desire for that new job is not yet strong enough to warrant uprooting yourself or your family. Maybe there are other conflicting priorities that are more important at this specific point in time.

Never feel like it's a crime to change your mind about a goal that you have set for yourself. I am merely encouraging you to "KNOW WHAT YOU WANT" before you put the wheels into motion making a huge change in your life. The sacrifice you are going to make must be WORTH it! The end result must be worth the phase of upheaval.

I am not one of those people who encourage "change" just for the sake of "change". There MUST be rhyme and reason to making a drastic life change. Some folks are just hyper and they enjoy making any kind of change just because they can't sit still. Don't be one of those people.

Measure your goals, and pick the ones that really fuel your passion . Let the rest flutter to the ground in the sea of forgetfulness. Your close friends and family will appreciate your "levelheadedness" because you have proverbially "looked" before "leaping".

Peace and productivity.

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