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Friday, June 6, 2014

My own Snazzy Think Tank

Creating your own think tank…..

I don’t know if you’re like me….you may have a wonderfully different background than I do.

But perhaps we share a unique fascination with creating one’s own awesome

Creative zone.

For me, I would call it my own personal “Think Tank.”

Hmmmmm what would it include?

It would have four monitors connected to my ultra high speed computer with unlimited memory and super fast speed for downloads, uploads and sideloads….you get the picture.

On one of the monitor would be streaming CNN

The other one would be streaming BNN

The third might be streaming a personalized live updated screen of my favourite stock picks.

The fourth might be just a blank canvas such as this, in order to have a place to blurt out my brainchildren.

Then of course, I would need one monitor of the four that I would convert to using for the other sites I frequent, such as Hotmail….biblegateway.com, bubblews.com, etc.

This think tank would be a room roughly 20 ft by 10 feet.

Along one long wall would be floor to ceiling white boards.

Along another wall just above my height would be a locked up book case, to house my precious literary treasures.

Which books mean the most to you? Which  books just mean something just because they exist, because they express something that is very personally significant to you?

Elsewhere in the room would be my favourite tilting ergonomic office chair. Something I can lounge it, but that can pop back into office work mode for intense computing.

The desks , there would be at least three of them…and must be perfectly suited to my height and comfortable sitting height.

The room would also need a huge set of speakers upon which I can perch my phone as a docking station and from which I can blast my favourite seminars or university classes.

You see, I have a bit of an obsession with M.I.T’s opencourseware….it’s the right price (free) and is taught at a level that is wonderfully above my own. Hey you got to reach up sometimes and hang around folks who know more than you eh?

What would you include in your own idea “CREATIVE ZONE”?

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