Thursday, January 17, 2013

Garlic as an Appetite Suppressant

What are the benefits of consuming raw garlic? I have experienced one unusual benefit, which appears to be that of an appetite suppressant. How much did I consume? About 1-2 raw cloves chopped down to a size I could comfortably chew and swallow them with a cool drink.

If you have a great testimony or experience with raw garlic, please be encouraged to share your experience in the comment section. Your comments are an important dynamic in these discussions.

What are the benefits that you have experienced from consuming raw garlic? I have read some really incredible claims on the web from people who have experienced incredible recovery from tumors as well as other ailments. Garlic has been studied in laboratories as well, in order to bring some scientific credibility to
its use as a health enhancing supplement. I would encourage you to do your own research. Get some books out of your local bookstore or library, so you can see the great potential benefit of this humble food called garlic. Stephen Fulder has written extensively about the subject. Better yet, discuss it's use with a professional and licensed health care practitioner.
God bless.

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