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Sunday, March 17, 2013

14 foods under a buck in Canada

OK, Ok, I know I've been watching too many episodes of "Extreme Cheapskates", but hey, at least I am learning somethin' :)

So here's the list of 14 foods that you could currently find in canada for under one dollar to stock up your fridge or cupboards. Bon appetito!( fresh foods are listed only if available for under one dollar per LB)

Canned whole tomatoes ( or diced )
Canned kidney beans ( white or red)
Canned Chick peas ( a.k.a garbanzo beans )
Canned Chunk Tuna packed in water
fresh garlic bulbs in a pack of three
fresh potatoes with the peels on
fresh carrots with the peel on
fresh apples with the peel on
fresh onions with the peel on
fresh bananas
fresh navel oranges
bulk white rice
bulk red split lentils
frozen Minute maid juice punches

Be blessed my friends and live in health and wealth!

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