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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Functional Gluten Free Snacking

Ok, so you're trying to stick to a gluten free lifestyle but you got the munchies....big time. What to do, what to do.
Fruit, ya, tons of it....apples, baby carrots and as many berries in season as time and money can afford.
What else do you snack on ? If you are a celiac or just a wee bit sensitive to gluten in foods, how do you deal with the munchies?
I was chatting with a gluten intolerant lady who works in a restaurant. She said she eats eggs at least twice a day..... hmmmm. So am I stuck with eggs and apple sauce for meal upon meal?
Is it just me, or do you find gluten free breads to be horrible tasting and ridiculously expensive?
How do you cope easily with the gluten free lifestyle? What are your tips to keeping it EASY and STRESS FREE?!!!!
Leave your ideas and comments please, I am eager to hear what you have to say.
Best In Christ,

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