Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Blogging? More Views means More Money

 At the end of the want to make a little somethin'...a little ca-ching...a little moooolah from all your hard work blogging. More views of your blog posts, means more money to be earned through your ad revenues & other revenue tools.....So today I will write a teeny tiny blurb about a few tips that I have noticed which have increased my blog post views.

Here Goes:

Always include a picture.... It can be the tiniest thumbnail, or even a random flower shot, but a photo always attracts more views. The thumbnail of the photos is catchier to the eyes of those that you share your post with on social media as well...such as facebook, twitter, email etc. Our human eyes naturally gravitate to pictures and artwork first before we take the time to read through a well written paragraph.
Even if you can't come up with a very fresh "free from copyright" relevant picture to add to your blog post, just use your camera phone to take a photo of the clouds, or a tree or a flower or my personal epic grey calculator. Blogger has a very easy tool by which to add photos to your use it...and see your blog views increase.

That brings me to the second suggestion. ALWAYS share your blog posts on social media. Tweet your posts on Twitter and include appropriate hashtags #coolhashtageh. Share your posts via email or facebook or your other fave social media platform. (Note that you want to have personal permission to share your posts with folks via email, as there are very strong anti-spam laws in Canada.")

The Third suggestion I have for you bloggers out there ...grinding out those precious words with such epic effort and simply this: Promote your blog by copy and pasting your blog's url as often as you can ........especially  when you write comments on other people's blogs or youtube videos or other online platforms. Repetition is a good thing. Just by mentioning your blog's catchy name will allow potential new "fans" to find your blog. You want your blog name to be easy to find, easy to spell and easy to say!!

Well friends, that's it for today, three tips for the low low price of FREE!


Sunday, May 2, 2021

Swing Trading Buffett Stocks

There's so many stocks out many companies to filter and ponder and consider. So what some traders/investors do is simply focus on stocks that their favorite guru holds or manages and that significantly narrows the number of options.

So, enter Warren Buffett's choices via his company Berkshire Hathaway. Warren Buffett is a living legend in the stock market and investing space. Taking a look at what Berkshire Hathaway holds in common stocks of publicly traded companies is a great exercise...a great learning opportunity for the self led learned.

One place to search up what stocks Berkshire Hathaway holds is via                                            CNBC's BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY PORTFOLIO TRACKER
which can be found at

One can also do a search on  Berkshire's own straightforward website

which contains links to their SEC filings and other company information.

Soooo....what are the drawbacks of following someone else's trading ideas? First of all, you probably won't find out when Warren Buffet dumps a stock or a bunch of stocks until many weeks or months after the fact. By that time, it may be too late for you to profitably exit your position. So, while you may be able to glean the tickers from the above listed websites, you certainly won't be privy to knowing when and how he will or might exit from holding those tickers.

( it is worth noting that the CNBC tracker does not list the companies that Berkshire Hathaway owns outright...such as Dairy Queen.)

On a practical note, it must be mentioned that we are all created differently by God. A trading style that works well for a professional long term investor such as Warren Buffett, may not at all be well suited for the average retail investor with a modest amount of capital.

However, if you feel like you need to narrow your focus, I believe that you will gain knowledge from studying Mr. Buffett's choices, which in the end game, is probably more profitable than simply plucking the letters of a Buffett stock ticker. 

When it comes to studying Mr. Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway, there is not a shortage of great books about both. There are a plethora of videos about him and feature interviews of Buffett himself speaking in his friendly and easy to understand style. Mr. Buffett appears to enjoy sharing his wisdom with others who are younger and less experienced than he is. Local libraries and book stores usually carry more than one book about Mr. Buffett. He has earned a place on their shelves.

So, in closing I just want to say this....while you may not feel "qualified" to trade like Warren most certainly are well qualified to study all that you can about him and his investing style.
The fact that you are still reading a blog post such as this, verifies that you have sufficient curiosity and patience to dig deep when you feel that there is something worth hunting for.

Well, that's all for now. May God bless your investing and your self led learning journey.


Our Money • Ladylike

Although this video is not current, as of from this year, it contains some valuable nuggets that us lady investors can gather and ponder. And for me, that is what it is all me some good food for thought. For out of good thoughts come proactive decisions and actions that accomplish the end goals we desire.

Note that I am not posting this video for the purpose of promoting Ellevest investing products, but rather to promote financial literacy amongst us ladies.

One very cool comment Sallie makes in this video is when she described the difference between
how women view money vs men: What an excellent comparison she viewing money like rivers and women clutching it to themselves like a single pot that they need to protect. The difference being that rivers flow unlimited and pots hold a defined amount.

Excellent Food for thought!