Saturday, May 1, 2021

LIVE: Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger host the 2021 Berkshire Hathaway...

Friends, family, colleagues and blog followers...I would encourage you kindly to tune in to this live stream of Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger speaking at Berkshire Hathaway's annual shareholder meeting. The value is barely even calculable. How many billionaires have you listened to live lately?
Count these two in. Even if you have differences of opinion with Mr. Buffett or Mr. Munger, their success is legendary...and no investor alive today should presume to be above learning from these two living legends.

Take a step. Take a listen. It costs only your time...which is priceless.

in Peaceful productivity,

Thursday, April 29, 2021

Maxing Out Where You ARE First

One of the brief blurbs from this ancient book "The Science of Getting Rich"
caught my mind today....

I will paraphrase....and I apologize in advance for not getting the corresponding page number from the book for this quote..

The idea i quote is simply this...that you need to work from where you ARE....not where you want to be. Yes, we aim for where we want to be....but we start today and every day from exactly where we are.
We maximize where we are right now. We do not live in a constant dream world.
We may not be in the situation or job or enterprise that we dream of being in....but we are here and now in a certain set of circumstances. 

You may not be living in the house that you dream of living in. You may not have the clothes yet or vehicle that you dream of. No, but you have something. You have something that you can MAX out.

Maybe you have started a side hustle? A part time enterprise of investing strategy that has great potential. Don't despise small beginnings. 

You can score a big fat touchdown with that small thing that occupies you today. You can do whatever it is you are putting your hands to today with great aplomb....with great focus and energy and drive.
Put your "ooomph" into this thing that you are doing today. Do it as if it is all that you have....because for today that is excellent.

Here and now is not something to smirk at, to take for granted or frown upon. 24 hours in a day hold so much promise!

Thank you for this journey, God! It is so awesome and filled with such incredible promise.

Peace ,

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Reading to Pass a Class?

Reading to pass a class....Gosh i remember the stress and speed reading of those weeks when i took an english class in college that was meant for teachers....not folks like me. The professor assigned a heavy thick book of such menacing construct that it took my breath away and filled me with dread.  Little did i realize that few made it through the required reading or at least bluffed their way through much of it. 
Alas, this is not what i wished to speak of today.

Today i wish to express what reading is now for a self led learner. There are three portions or "dances" which occur when i set to reading now.

First of all....let it be clear that I am not a tidy obedient reader. I dabble in pages and chapters or even single paragraphs with wimsy. I do not adhere to any kind of crusty authoritative reading schedule. I read a book or magazine or blog post however i wish and whenever i wish.
That being said....that first dance is what I call    "the input" of the writer's words to my soul or mind.

 The next dance, which may occur days weeks or months that personal  processing of brooding over those words. Even a single sentence can require months of this "digestion". 
Then...only when this second dance is i ready for this third more holy ritual. 

The third dance is called " the response".

Crass writers do not take into account this third dance, for they do not really care for our reply...but merely seek to utter a plethora of well funded and somewhat meaningless words.

But authors who respect their readers...and thus their fellow man...understand that this third dance of response is the holiest of all the three steps. What is the point of a book if it ilicits no reply? 
What is the point of a great magazine article if it does not make even a whisper of change in someones's life or a minute dent in the universe?
My friends and followers, i respect and pray that even one vital word from my blogging empire nudges you a millimeter closer to God's bounty....then my pen or keyboard will rest complete. I will not write in vain. 

You have great potential. Don't ever underestimate what you may accomplish and how your mind and lifestyle may grow and flourish. No limits. Small steps forward...prepare a human soul for seasons when bigger leaps become available.