Sunday, April 11, 2021

Fighting for your Self Led Learning

Everyone knows of the cliche struggle that young-ish students have in going to traditional higher learning...institutions such as college or university.

What I want to write about today is simply the struggle that those of us that are currently setting our own personal learning journey. We learn, we push , we seek out sources of relevant information and inspiration based upon our own passions and goals.

Perhaps you have heard of young students eating ramen noodles for days just to afford the luxury of a traditional higher education. But what sacrifices does a "regular" person have who is simply seeking to grow and learn more in the midst of holding down jobs, self employment, business ownership and/or investments?

Warren Buffet and many of the business leaders and innovators of the last 10 years seem to all have a compulsion for great reading. Both Bill Gates and Warren Buffet speak highly of the time they spend reading and they guard that time ferociously.

That brings me to this thought. How hard are you fighting for  a safe quiet uncluttered space for you to read and think? Reading is not must also have safe quiet uncluttered space for you to think...for long periods of time. If you are a self led learner, carving our your own personal think tank is essential for you to accomplish this growth.

Your thinking space does not need to be in a building. It can easily be in a forest path, or alone in your backyard with your noise cancelling head phones on. White noise is actually very useful in allowing you to channel your thinking to whatever task or idea you set to pondering. You MUST block out distractions. You MUST reserve that  reading & thinking space in your life.

While social life is essential for well rounded happiness, one who wants to accomplish anything of beauty or courage, must be able to avoid unnecessary social interactions so that he/she can focus on their task.

Bill Gates, in the Netflix documentary, speaks about his "think weeks" where he goes out to a remote cabin, armed with loads of books and diet coke, where he can consume the books at his own pace and also have the mental time and space to process what he is reading.

Bill Gates stated that we all have to limit our minds to focus on a certain problem or issue. We need to harness our brain power to solve one thing that we focus on. I am not speaking of becoming a one dimensional narcissistic person. I am simply describing what Bill Gates emphasized, in that we must give our minds/brains an "assignment" and not allow that time to be squandered by a lack of focus. 

Focus is everything.