Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Are You doing Ok?

To My Fellow Humans,

It's been a while for me to just sit quietly and chat with those who happen to read my blog.
The earth has been transformed  since march of 2020 into a seriously new concoction.

Are you filled with hope? Has this past year been hard? Has someone you know become ill or lost their life?

You most likely are a perfect stranger to me. But we are all humans sharing this same earth we call home. 

We all live under the same God. He has not given up his throne. We must not give up on our home.

The greatest tragedy that this pandemic has caused ( magnified by the government's responses)
is the extreme isolation that many of us have experienced. Even those who have been able to continue to "work from home" have still been isolated from many experiences that most of us have taken for granted for decades.

Little things now mean so much more. A road trip to the beach (when local governments permit it)
becomes as grand as a trip of a lifetime. Going to church becomes a glorious privilege to be treasured more than gold.

As we, the human race, begin to shake off the grey clothing of "all things covid", we will regain our humanity. We have no better options. To go back and retreat further is not going to cut it.

Forcing the world into a global roving hybernation can only go on for so long. The humans must come out and greet the with their kids in the yard and speak openly in person with one another. Looking for fewer zoom meetings and conference calls and more meetings where I can see my friends and colleagues in person.

Yes, yes, I know that commercial real estate will need to morph and adapt to the "fear" of contagion that still afflicts the populace. But we must insist on regaining most, if not all, of the rights and freedoms that one year of a pandemic stole from us.

You must live. I must live. We must greet life again, with vigor and a smile.
Peace, my brothers and sisters, and courage.