Thursday, January 14, 2021

This Changed My Life...this one idea


If you had looked into certain times of my life, and if you had been able to see the wheels churn inside my brain, you would have been able to observe how I changed life.

It began as a hope....a whisper of a scent of a possibility for a newer better way of living.

The big question was this....Was I ready to accept this very radical idea....that I could actually create a new reality that I had never seen lived out by any woman I had grown up looking up to.
It is a scary thing to try to become something that no one you have ever spoken to or mingled with has had the nerve to put into practice. Being female was not only a gender in the community I grew up in. Being a woman meant that you were only supposed to reach for certain aspirations, and skills that were "becoming" and "non-threatening" to the men around you.

Little did I know that as I grew into the wife and mother I am now, that I began to see that it was indeed only up to me, to change my limits I set for myself. There was no reason for me to abide by old fashioned restrictions on what I could do. I could create my own reality based on my own goals...

I began to write down goals. I kept my list of goals on a plastic covered list in my purse. I began to read my goals aloud to myself as often as I could. I began to invest more regularly in books (audio format and paper books) that fed my goals and expanded my mind and knowledge base. I began to seek out like minded people online who exemplified the kind of life I knew I could and would create for myself. The only person who could hold me back....was me. I had decided to give myself permission to succeed in achieving my goals.

Well, I feel like this post could go on forever. But I am going to keep it rather short.

The idea, that my future was up for my own creation was the one idea that changed my life. This idea is so revolutionary that few realize it, because it appears as such a simple concept.

We are often deceived by so many people we grow up with, to believe that we need a person to somehow be our hero and raise us up. But that hero is looking at you in the mirror every day. You believe in yourself. God believes in you. Together with God's help you can do anything you set your mind to. Learn how to set goals....write them down. Repeat them out loud to yourself as often as you can ( at least once a day).

The words you speak to yourself, will form and create a new lifestyle that you will grow up into. It will be beautiful and will be original....because you are an original human being. You were created to be creative......just like your heavenly Father.

Stop waiting for someone to rescue you. Rescue yourself. Take a step towards your written goals today. One small step to an incredible future. ....begins today.

In Peaceful powerful productivity,