Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Crafting Your Think Space

Folks yak on about Bill Gates "Think weeks". I have too. It's a great notion.
But what I want to speak  about today is something that must occur much much much more often than what can be planned for once or twice a year.

I am talking about ...asking you a personal question. May I? What is your favourite space to think alone?                                       (by the way, we Canadians spell favourite with a "u".... Just sayin')

Don't worry, I am not judging your answers. I am just trying to stir up some thoughts.

One of my favourite places to think is my local public library. The only thing i don't like about it is when the loud ladies visit and think that a "library" hush rule does not apply to them or their kids and they try to take over the whole library with their guffaws and roudy children.

Some ideals are indeed old fashioned...but still very much needed. Complete quiet solitude is crucial if we are to develop and maintain a healthy thinking life.

Even in our cars, we often fill the airspace with radio or some other kind of music or download. Not that there is anything at all wrong with all things "audio".  As I said before, I am not judging.
I am simply saying that sometimes we need spaces to work through something that requires a good "thinking session". Have you given yourself permission to be quiet? I am not talking about yoga or some other mystical stuff. I am talking about just giving yourself the time and space and place to be alone and get some good thinking done.

Some folks think best when they are alone on a boat fishing. Whether they catch a fish or not is irrelevant....that thinking time is precious. The fresh air and outdoor beauty and solitude is priceless.

 There's a few other places I could name that I find to be perfect or near perfect thinking spots. But i am not going to share them on the net. One must do what we can to protect our privacy online, and thus I try my best to put some kind of boundaries on the kinds of information I share online. 

Well, that's just about all for now. With the wild ride that has been and continues to be the best way to describe 2020....it remains even more important for you all , each and every single one of us to maintain places and spaces to think. When we allow too much noise into our lives, we do not think clearly or rationally. We react without reason and with much emotion.

So, wishing peace and tranquility to you all, my readers. 
May God bless you each with a quiet place of solitude.


Monday, November 9, 2020

The Origins of the Covid 19 Virus ..... a Non Technical Conversation

So, it has been written that the origin of the Covid 19 virus was from China, particularly from the Wuhan province. There is a high tech laboratory which was working on coronaviruses and the rumour is that one of these "concoctions" escaped the lab. Is this true? I don't know. I can not even pretend to even remotely understand these complex medical riddles. 

But....just for conversation sake.... I have also heard that Americans have been working on Coronaviruses for scientific purposes for several years, and American scientists have worked at the same lab from which it is suspected that the Covid 19 virus susposedly escaped.

Do I have any legitimate reason to believe any of the above rumours? Nope....nada....absolutely none.
These are simply things that I have heard of or read online. I can not prove any of it.

It is hard to have any kind of reasonable belief about the source of a virus, because I am woefully undereducated  and ill-equipped to make even a mystical guess as to it's origins.

The only thing I am permitted to speak of are my own personal impressions.

So, permit me to just to speak a bit about my impressions. These thoughts are vague and hazy...

In my personal opinion....our society, ....as in our worldwide human family is risking too much with the current levels and investments in scientific exploration. It could be said that scientists merely want to expand their knowledge. But what bothers me is that we , the human race as a whole, are not thinking in a wholistic way as to what we are potentially putting at risk for the sake of gaining scientific knowledge.

For one example, I was horrified to see the creation of what is commonly called 
"CRISPR" ....which is  a gene editing technology that has become available for purchase to the public.

Folks are making labs in their own homes and attempting to genetically mutate themselves or other creatures. I am shocked that the public is being "entrusted" with such a dangerous technology!!!

Mankind can create all manner of "evil"  monsters with these tools and the governments go nothing about it.

Much of the foods that are sold in the supermarkets are genetically modified. These crops, being genetically modified, are changing the way that animals and plants behave across the world. We do not know the long term effects of the genetically modified foods on the food chain and human development. Genetically modified crops are changing the landscape of our globe and the end result is a big question mark.

Do governments ever say NO to science? Do governments ever have the courage to shut down 
scientific research because the risks are just too great???

So , that is part of the long rabbit trail of my conversation about the origin of Covid19.

If the Covid19 virus was created in a lab.....is this lab now shut down? Or are there still many more similar labs currently operating world wide? Do we know what we are risking by "developing" and creating powerful diseases in labs? Is any laboratory ever truly 100% secure?

We are seeing this year in 2020, how one new virus can bring the human race to a standstill, disrupting human life as we know it, not even mentioning the economic tragedy that will take years from which to recover.

No one wants to think about the potential for financial gain that is created by a world wide virus, such as the one that we have experienced around the world in 2020 with the Covid19 outbreak.

But it needs to be thought about, and discussed at length by us all, as well as by those with governmental authority. How do we protect our countries from these kind of "biological " viruses that may be created or used to hurt our beloved countries?

We all know the threats that can be seen, that local police forces and other governmental systems protect us from . But who will protect us from these type of genetically modified "viruses" that can do so much harm, and remain unseen to the naked eye? We do not know how to protect ourselves from these "things".

Does it begin, my friends, with the acknowledgment that sometimes, we as human beings, need to be able and willing and empowered to shut down scientific research when we know the stakes are simply too high??? Sometimes risks of a certain "magnitude" are too high to calculate, control or monitor. 

Saying NO is something that every parent learns to do, when they have a child to raise.

Saying NO is something that governments must also be given the power to do, just to protect the health and well being of mankind.

Peace out,