Thursday, October 22, 2020

The Notion of A "Twindemic"???

today i was listening to the radio again....glazing over some yet more "urgent" news about the "pandemic".

Human beings can only stay 
" on alert" for very short periods of time. After a while, we all run out of that adrenaline pump involved in the "fight or flight" instinct.

Therefore, I just wanted to speak briefly this afternoon about what the "experts" and media leaders are talking about with regard to the word "Twindemic".

Some folks are touting the advantages of the "flu shot" by creating yet more fear...(as if they hadn't created enough fear already).

This fear is being used like a well oiled machine to support the notion of getting the flu shot into as many residents of Ontario as possible.

Now, before you write me off as an 'anti-vaxxer' i want to state for the record, that yes , I have gotten the flu shot....actually just a few days ago. I am happy to get it and find that I do feel a boost of energy within a few days or about a week after getting it. Not sure if I could prove that, but I do feel it and have felt that occur other years as well, when I have received the flu shot.

But what I don't appreciate...and must object to, is the strange and illogical reasoning behind pumping up some strange fear of  a "Twindemic". By the way, this "Twindemic" word that the media is creating is some kind of bizarre two headed disease monster mixture of the flu with Covid 19.

First of all, does anyone really know if it is possible to get the flu and Covid 19 at the same time?
What are the odds of that occuring? 

Here is my take....DISCLAIMER: for the record, I am not qualified in any way to make any kind of medical advice, or any other kind of health advice. I am just a regular jane. I would advise you though, to get your medical advice from licensed professional health providers. This blog author as well as the publisher does not take nor accept any liability for any of the words printed here in this post. This blog and all of it's posts is intended for entertainment purposes only. Don't take my word for anything written here.....we are just chatting over coffee and gluten free donut ok?

Ok, now that that fat disclaimer is out of the way. I just want to continue to prattle on for a bit.
My take on "sickness" and our human ability to get sick is based upon our own personal and highly individualized immune system. Our human immune systems can be robust, or they can be weakened.  A billion different things can weaken our immune systems. Also, conversely, a billion different things and habits and lifestyles can strengthen our immune systems.

If someone's immune system is weak, they may be vulnerable to a host of viruses, not just the flu and not just Covid 19. There are a billion different ways to get sick. If someone is on a path to sickness, there are so many to "choose from". That sounds weird...but isn't true? 

So, instead of focusing on the negative "what ifs", permit to chat about the possible good things that humans do to strengthen their immune systems:

Limiting extreme stress: blocking toxic communications from your life is a powerful tool to use to maintain your mental health and wellness ,which will in step, keep your physical body "happier" too.

Eating foods that God created: Basing your consumption on foods that God created instead of foods that some scientist concocted in a lab,  generally speaking, are going to feed your body well. Keeping fresh produce available at all times in your home will make available to you and your family, snacks that have "nature's bounty" on hand. Natural sugars and vitamins and minerals from fruits and veggies are readily absorbed by our bodies, in ways that over processed foods and sweeteners can not compete.

Sleep: for an adult, a good 7-9 hours of sleep every night is the ideal. Not everyone needs that much sleep,, but I am speaking in generalities.

Dress: Keeping your body protected from the harshness of natural weather and temperature elements is key to protecting your immune system from undue stress. Keeping your body protected from sun damage or heat stroke is important as well as protecting yourself from exposure to rain and snow. Wear the right coats or sweaters for the season. Have a good pair of shoes that will protect you from slipping on wet surfaces, rain, snow or shine.

Hygiene: Regular showering or bathing, as well as brushing your teeth is going to keep your immune system better able to fight off those germs that you may pick up in your daily activities.
Cleanliness in how you maintain your clothing and yourself as well as the bedding  you sleep on is so very important. You will help protect your health when you protect your cleanliness.

Ok that's enough about that for now. I do understand the benefit of reducing "undue" stress on our provincial and heavily government subsidized health system. As a Canadian tax payer, by getting the flu shot we may reduce our chances of getting the flu and possibly reduce our possibility for needing the hospital, and thereby leaving the hospitals more ready and willing and capable to support those who are getting sick of Covid 19. Yes, I understand that and it makes a little bit of sense. However, creating some new mystical fear of getting the flu and Covid19 at the same time is rather bizarre and nonsensical in my personal opinion. 

But, since I am stirring the pot , do you mind if I mention one more issue? Have you noticed that a lot of folks who are elderly who have caught the Covid19 virus are not being sent to the hospital? Or is that just an illusion? As someone who has lived in Ontario for most of her life, the hospital was always the place to go if you or someone you knew got sick.....especially if they got seriously sick. How is it that if you call a local pharmacy in Ontario, you may get a recorded message that warns you to NOT GO to your local hospital if you think you have symptoms of Covid19? How bizzarre!!!

So, if the system is encouraging folks to NOT go to the hospital if they think they have Covid19, they are in essence, discouraging you from using our local hospitals for a very legitimate health care need. Do the "powers that be" have the right to tell you NOT to go the hospital if you feel you need to go there??? 

Big question. Of all the seniors in Ontario that have caught many of them were "forced" and/or strongly "encouraged" to simply suffer and potentially die at home or in their long term care homes? Is the system in Ontario right now, withholding hospitalized health care from us Ontarians when we need it most????

I hope I am wrong. I really do. I hope there is a reasonable explanation for what I see and sense. I hope that all of the  folks who have lived in Ontario most of their lives are being able to access freely the health care they need, whether it is from their local physicians, or from their hospitals. Our health system has been funded by us hard working Ontarians for a really long time. We are tax payers. We have rights. Using a hospital when you are sick, is a right for every Ontarian.

I don't believe that any Ontario hospital has the right to turn any sick person away, no matter how contagious or ill. Hospitals are built for the sick, not the well.

Ok, that's enough about that. I have said pretty much all that I wanted to say for today. I apologize in advance for seeming a tad negative. But for me, it's more about exercising my freedom of speech than about spoiling anyone's day. It is my ambition too, to always keep folks thinking freely for themselves.

Peace out,