Thursday, September 24, 2020

Switching to Electric Vehicles Is Not Going to Cut Our Need for Oil

Sorry to rain on the EV parade.  It is an exciting era. To zoom around in a soundless battery operated car.
Perhaps I will be able to sneak up on my teenagers without them hearing my car coming. Alas, I kid myself... I do not yet own an EV.

Well, today I just have to repeat what I have mentioned perhaps even years ago, in that ....we all have to get over the notion that electric vehicles are going to cut off our dependence on oil. The oil industry is still going to be around for a long time. 

Why? Because our electrical grid is partially fueled by the oil and gas industry. So let's say that the politicians could somehow snap their fingers and force us all to drive electric vehicles, and let's pretend that our electrical grid could somehow accomodate all of the charging requirements for these vehicles, what would happen to the oil industry? It would still keep chugging along. Why? Because our electrical grid is partially fuelled by  OIL.

If you don't believe me, please read the documents linked here issued via IESO:

If I am understanding the charts properly from the a fore mentioned link....our electrical grid is supplied by the Oil and Gas Industry by 29%. That's a pretty large chunk don't you think? Why do folks presume that this 29% will just disappear? Or is it just that they prefer to "not see" that our electricity is partially provided by Oil and Gas? Is it easier to pretend that we are green if we don't use a gas pump, but instead pump elecricity into our E-vehicles? Must we be so naive to think that "all electricity" is green???

If you are looking for a more "up to the minute" update on the sources of our energy in may want to check out the sublink from their site :

I want to encourage my fellow Canadians to stay informed on a balanced perspective when it comes to the oil and gas industry ....especially as to how it pertains to our own beloved country.


Good News Most Wanted

It's Sept 24 2020.

So many folks just focusing on doing what they do best, their work, raising their families, prayer and occasionally trying to stay current on the news.

The news, however, is playing with the politicians, who are trying to pacify the "experts" and keep the citizens happy at the same time. I feel for their quandary. It is a fine line to try to walk.

I think finally in Ontario, that the politicians have realized that another full shut down is not in the best interests of our province or our beloved country of Canada. Every single moment of a full blown shut down causes years of financial misery. Bailouts are a helpful bandaid, but they are not the cure.

The cure will be found in one or more of the following: vaccines, natural means of strengthening immune systems, and spiritual victories by those who know how to pray. And by the way, just because we start using vaccines, does not mean we should exclude the other blessings of natural health methods and spiritual practices of prayer. There is no such thing as being "'too healthy" right?

It needs to said as well, that the governments have spent millions, perhaps it will be billions soon, to keep Ontario schools open this fall. That is why they can't just switch their party line and tell us all to stay home and hunker down if they expect students to still get to school and justify the millions of dollars already spent on developing and continuing to staff the online schooling system. 

My province is hiring so many more teachers just to manage the inflow of "online" teaching opportunities. It is a daunting task to help children learn in person, let alone when they are sitting at home with a plethora of distractions. Or perhaps I am incorrect in this assumption. Perhaps some students will actually learn better without the extreme effects of peer pressure. High school students may experience less peer pressure to involve themselves in the common temptations of drug or alcohol use.

Believe it or not, most students actually do enjoy learning and doing well in school, they just don't want to be shamed in front of their peers for being "brainiacs". They don't want to be teased for being eager to please their teachers by seeking out extra homework or speaking too much with the teacher. Perhaps online learning will provide a welcome sidestep for those high school students who really do take pride and joy in learning and doing the best that they can do.

Well, It is actually refreshing that the politicians are bound by this educational quandry in that they can't shame us adults for going out and doing our jobs. If the teachers are working....we are all working. That's that.

I can't speak for anyone else, but as for me, I have felt a "flood" of shaming pouring forth from politicians and public health "officials" right from the get go of the pandemic in February or March of this year. Politicians and health "officials" were looking to point fingers at someone to blame for the pandemic, and so they took pot shots at the public, the easiest target of all.

I pray that we all, as a society will not allow "shaming" to be the 'modus operandi' of the day. We need to have a sense of good will and well wishes towards our fellow well as the business and corporate entities that employ us. I am not looking for enemies.

I also pray that this pandemic will not lead to a plethora of law suits from all human or corporate entities trying to blame instances of Covid 19 infections on their fellow citizens. This time of human experience is an opportunity for us all to be pray for our fellow man, and do what is best to keep ourselves and our families healthy and happy. That's all for now.

Peace out,