Saturday, August 1, 2020

God Makes It Better

Too many things now a days have artificial colors and dyes...The above was made by God. Fresh raw juice made from raw beets carrots and apples...that's it. No water added. 
Frugal side notes. The jar is upcycled and the juicer i use often was granted to me by someone who couldn't sell it to anyone at their yard sale. Free does not always mean low quality. Sometimes it just really rocks:)
Peace out, 

The Podium

Where is the podium in your house? To which books are given "royal assent" by the authority figures in your home.

For me, it is the bible, of the Judeo Christian heritage, which is given that place of reverence. When a bible is read aloud, there floats about the house a bit of holy hush...a quiet thoughtfulness and pleasant absorption.

As I do have a fondness for "success" literature and "motivational gurus", I notice that every single one of them has a profound reverence for the act of reading. Every single big time billionaire places a high value on the simple and yet profound activity of reading.

Some folks prefer to listen to audio versions of their fave books, but that is still "almost" the same as reading, other than that it is more difficult to pause and reflect and/or take notes in the midst of an audio recording.

Having a physical copy of a book in your hand just lends itself to thoughtful pauses and reflection. The art of pondering, the ability to hover over an idea until one can see it from every possible angle.

So, in summary I would like to ask you gently, my good friends, relatives and associates and colleagues....who has the podium in your home?


Monday, July 27, 2020

Coke Pepsi Gates and Buffett

Sometimes it's interesting just to attempt to process and think through the different relationships
and allegiances that influence Wall St.

So, Mr. Bill Gates and Mr. Warren Buffett are best friends. Berkshire, Buffett's creation, owns a lot of Coca Cola shares.

In March of this year, Mr. Gates announced that he is withdrawing from the board of both Microsoft and Berkshire. Is it possible that Mr. Gates' withdrawal from these boards will help him not to feel conflicted as he moves ahead with a greater focus on his foundation?

Microsoft, this month of July 2020, announced a 5 year deal with Pepsi co, to have all it's employees use certain Microsoft products and have access to Microsoft teams. ( I'm assuming these are support personnel)

Remember that the Gates Foundation, which is run by Mr. Bill Gates and his wife Mrs. Melinda Gates, is set to receive billions of dollars from Mr. Buffett's Berkshire holdings over the coming years, as Mr. Buffett fulfills his giving pledge to donate much of his wealth to charity.

So what does this all mean? Will there be any tension because Microsoft has linked up with Pepsi, even though the Gates foundation will benefit from the heavy amount of Coca Cola shares that Berkshire holds?

Or, at the end of the day, does it not matter at all?  Maybe there are no passionate loyalties to consumer brands in the C-suites or billion dollar philanthropic powerhouses?

Just thinking aloud today.

Peace, and think on,