Monday, July 20, 2020

It's Frothy Earthy and Raw

Frothy ....earthy and raw. Ahhh....the best things in life come straight from the earth. This wee sample of the raw juicing I've been doing lately just hits the spot. Contains raw beets, celery, apples, carrots and mini cucumbers....the blend tastes a bit like the store bought V8 juice that my mama used to use to make her famous homemade soup.

It's funny, that when you take things like this straight by drinking it right after you makeit...., it doesn't even seem to matter if it feels like a fruit or a veggie concoction. It just doesn't matter....

Why? Because it simply makes you feel good. Energizes and clarifies. The beets add an earthy grounding to the beverage. I hear that beets are good for your blood.

Well, that's all for now. Hope you are all able to face the new realities in your current locations, whether you are in a lockdown situation or a more "open for business" type of work climate. I pray that God will give you the patience to make your way through these times. He is still God....still good and cares about you, your needs and your household.

sister C.