Saturday, June 6, 2020

Just by using "Preview Order" you might be Swinging the Market

Quite an intriquing book....Michael Lewis' book entitled "Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt".

I had wondered in my own life, when it was in the order of me placing a trade, that my trade would become visible to other traders on the market. According to this book, even if you don't complete the trade by hitting "enter", and simply by using the "preview order" process offered by your broker, this trade, or rather your "intention" to place a trade has already become visible to other traders. These traders then may, if they so choose, use that knowledge to bet "ahead" of your proposed trade, thereby using a process commonly called "front running".

What do you feel about these ideas? Do they may you squirm...? Or do they just confirm what you have felt has been going on in the markets for a decade?

hmmm....much to digest.


Friday, June 5, 2020

Berkshire Hathaway....Simple or Complex...You Decide

 Having spent much time reading and listening to much written and spoken about the brilliance of Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway holdings and investment style...I thought I'd prattle on a bit of musings.

Derek Foster, who is known in North America as "The Lazy Investor" is a great fan of Warren Buffet's investment style especially because Mr. Buffet seems to invest in companies with "simple" products..... products such as Dairy Queen softserve cones, Duracell Batteries and Kraft Ketchup.

But then again, that is only one part of the picture.

CNBC has an interesting Berkshire Hathaway portfolio tracker...
for an's a recent posting update from their site :            

One can see that Mr. Buffet's company also invests heavily in financial companies, banks and three major credit card companies. It also has stakes in media companies, entertainment, and a credit ratings agency.

Such a large swath of the American economy is represented by the various stakes Mr. Buffett's company holds. Many of the companies are linked in the financial markets ....either intentionally or unintentionally....I don't know.

I would encourage you, before you jump to conclusions about the legendary Mr. Buffett, that you do more reading and thinking...and then do MORE reading and more thinking.

By the way, that is what Mr. Buffett is best known for...his utmost respect for those two major occupiers of his time.....reading and thinking.


Thursday, June 4, 2020

That Bird's Got Her Worm

Across the way....there's a house. At the tip of the rooftop..... birds like to rest for a moment and have a lookout.

Today, that robin commanded attention at that rooftop. She was holding the prize.... a long chubby worm dangling from her beak. That worm will feed her and her young gangly spring babes.

She is right to stand be downright cocky holding her prize up high. She could have been a snap shot from a Rocky film, like Sylvestor Stallone, after a winning match, holding his fist in the air. She has won her right to fight....and win.

And so, it is  that we must push on...until we find that thing...which we will at once, or perhaps gradually realize over our own worm....our own fight worth winning.

It's feeding time. It's time to lay claim of what you can do....that will produce that livelihood.

What a great word...."livelihood". It has a much better ring to it than money.

May you find your "livelihood" soon, my dear friends. Because when you recognize the worm, and do whatever it takes to dig it up and take it home to feed your babes, it has become yours. It's not just about paying the's about a delicious livelihood.

Press on, brothers and sisters, your livelihood awaits...It may already be in your sights, awaiting your target, your perseverance, your study. You are not hallucinating. You are not living in a dream world. This is real.

That which you enjoy....can really actually become your livelihood.

Peace out,