Friday, May 22, 2020

This is only a test?

You can go ahead and label me a conspiracy theorist.....feel free to browse elsewhere on the net today then ok?

But, based on what I have seen occur in my beloved country of Canada, I must has a lot of heads shaking in disbelief.

How can seemingly peaceful pencil pushing politicians suddenly wield such all consuming power so as to be able to tell folks, good decent hard working Canadians, that they may not earn a living?

I still can not get my head around it.Since when, did my fellow peace loving Canadian leaders suddenly become such power hungry dictators??? i am at a loss for words.

I do understand, to the best degree that I can, that the virus currently called "covid19" is a messy beast. But why did a fight against a virus transform and warp itself into a fight against the working man/woman? Isn't it a constitutional right to conduct business and provide for yourself and your family?

Isn't it always a good thing to have a "great work ethic"????

Isn't it always a good thing to go to church?

But no, the politicians  and law enforcement agencies are/have reprimanded, ticketed, fined and/or threatened people for doing just those simple two things....working and going to church.

Yes, yes, it is  May 22 , 2020, and before I blow a gasket, I must admit that things are slowly starting to re-open up in Ontario. But the opening is slow and painful. I still find myself avoiding grocery shopping because i hate the thought of being forced to wait outside in lineups just for the mere privilege of buying food.

I wonder, indulge me for a moment, if the powers that be, are just doing some kind of social experiment to see how asleep we are? Are "they" testing us to see how much of our freedom we will peacefully give up, all in the pretense of "protecting health"???

Is it a coincidence that those who are forcing the lockdowns upon us, are the ones whose paycheques have not been torn up during the lock down. Perhaps they are even getting a "pandemic pay bump" to deal with the extra stress of leadership during a national/global pandemic.

To say that our leaders are out of touch with the average working Canadian is an understatement. This season is a test of martial law....a test of a police state in our beautiful peaceful country.
We shall not allow this to occur without proper response. Take notes my friends and speak to your friends and family about this situation. It must not go on without discussion and prompt and very verbal public discussion. We do live in a democratic country do we not?
These massive sweeping public changes which are dramatically affecting all aspects of life in Canada must be held up to public scrutiny. Some of these issues should have been put up to a public vote before they were so aggressively rolled out upon us like a steam roller. Every Canadian has a vote and a voice. Remember this. Use your voice....and use your vote.

Please, my fellow Canadians, do not forget this season, even when things get back to more "normalcy".
The freedoms that we calmly let go of now.... under the "excuse of a virus", will not be easily regained back to their former glory.

And while I am on a roll, permit me to mention that the new "app" that will be enforced upon our cell phones for the purported purpose of "contact tracing" are going to become a new "spying" tool by which the government can glean all kinds of personal data about us.

Fight for your freedom to go to church and to go to work...whether you are self employed or otherwise. Also, fight for protections for your privacy, even if the government "enforces" contact tracing. The government does not belong in your cell phone.

Not peaceful today,