Saturday, April 25, 2020

Appetite for learning

living in this modern age, we have billions of books and blogs and vids and theories about how to control and manipulate our appetite for food. It's a bit rather over done don't you think?

There is so much more to life than food. And yes, we all have an appetite for learning....for more knowledge geared towards our interests and goals.

Sometimes we have to tolerate knowledge that bores us because we have a more pressing goal that requires the assimilation of mountains of boring material. That's why I believe that it is a also a misnomer to suggest that we should only do that which "makes us happy".

Even when people have found their passion, they still will require the discipline and emotional maturity to endure studies or activities which are boring and dull.

Tony Robbins talks often about how "Progress means happiness"....and I would tend to agree. But for me ....that progress must be definitely and indisputably linked to my main life goals.

I am willing to endure much unpleasantry, whether that be tedious paperwork or mindless dry reading.... in order to accomplish my written life goals. It is a sacrifice that I am willing to make.

What are you doing to feed your learning curve? Which audio or print books have you bought or borrowed lately to help you get even closer to your written goals?

Feed that is a precious thing.\



Monday, April 20, 2020

Now you Have a Good Reason to be Suspicious of Rewards Cards

So, "they".....(sorry I can't be more specific) are considering using rewards cards to track how many family members are shopping in the grocery stores per week. The proposed limit  "they" one family member shopping once in a grocery store per week. "They" say this would limit the potential for transmission of the virus.

Hmmm....I know when rewards cards first started gaining popularity, I was all gung ho about the potential freebies. But as time passed, I became aware as to how much data collection goes on with these rewards cards. "They" know where and when you shop, and what specifically you buy.
"They" can come to all kinds of conclusions about your discretionary income based on the data they scrape from your shopping habits. Now it appears that it may become a tool in the hands of "they".

Now the pandemic has given good reason for folks to give up on cash. But this is also a hay day for big brotherish type of activities. The more of our shopping is tracked by debit/credit cards and rewards cards, the less privacy we all have.

What would it take for you or your family to give up rewards cards cart blanche? Or are the rewards simply too tantalizing?

Peacefully alert,