Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Thank you Readers!

It is now the second month of 2020 and I wanted just to take a brief moment to thank you.

Some of my readers I have met in person. Some of my readers are feisty independent folks who cherish self led learning as much as i do. Some of you have found my blog because something I wrote somewhere online upset you....so you went online in a tizzy to hunt down my blog to set me straight ") That's ok, I know I am not a "yes" person. I don't really care if I upset people. It happens.
 I take pride in taking an unpopular path if I feel strongly about something.

Some of you have found my blog because you are struggling to carve out a gluten free lifestyle and the search engines seem to like my gluten free posts...

Some of you have stumbled upon my blog by accident or because a friend or family member sent you a link to one of my posts.

I just want to say this. I value your readership. Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog. It's not a fancy blog....it doesn't yet garner millions of views. But it has a place in my heart. And yes, in an indirect and informal "internet-ish"kind of way...you too have a quiet place in my heart.

It's good to be a seeker. As that Bible verse says and Tony Robbins likes to quote,
 "Seek and ye shall find"......  Sometimes we just need to gather ourselves around others who think differently than we do, so we can glean something fresh and new outside of ourselves.

I hope that something I have written has sparked in you some new found courage....some ferocity to pursue your goals and believe in your own potential.

I hope too that you have felt encouraged to dabble in exploring the bible and sense who Jesus is from it's pages.

Have an awesome day....being you in this good earth.

Peace out,