Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Sometimes the Opposite is True

Years ago, when I started blogging, i would visit the sites of other bloggers...with the colorful links and bling...and i would feel so underwhelmed by what I was doing with "only" the written word.
Yes, I know, I do use links, and ads and yes, I do use Youtube videos as well to add to the playful mix....but most of my posts are usually just full of the written word.

Then I stumbled upon the living legend,  Mr. Seth Godin. I felt so encouraged in my heart by what he was saying. He was on the side of those who simply try to be authentic. He loved the written word and took great efforts to form his words in ways that were precise and tasteful and artistic all at once.

Seth spoke about how you don't need to be writing to the whole world....and that in fact, all you really need to earn a decent income from your passion, is simply to acquire 1000 true fans. Those 1000 true fans would become your "tribe"....and that tribe would potentially empower you to quit your dead end day job and allow you to do full time what you have done thus far only as a side hustle.

So, I just want to say thanks to Seth Godin for showing me that just being myself was still a worthwhile endeavor....even if my blog was a "plain Jane" compared to so much glitz and glamour all around me. Seth encouraged me to just keep writing...The beauty of it all, is that it turns out that the search engines prefer my "original content" rather than all those links and ads that fill so many blogs.

The writing has continued.

Thanks Seth,


Sunday, December 29, 2019

Time to Think? Heck ya....

If you don't have time to think.....what are you doing with your life?

I was listening again to James Allen's audio book "As a Man Thinketh" and I was so excited once again for those confirmations of what I have believed for years. I have blogged about this extensively as well. The point that Mr. Allen confirms again, is that it is so very very VERY                                     ( YES ALL CAPS!!!) important for human beings to have "thinking spaces".

What is a "thinking space" ? It is simply the space and time reserved on a regular basis solely for the purpose of "thinking time".

If we are not spending enough time to think....what are we doing? We are running around pell mell with our heads cut off like chickens after the chopping block. We are not living in any kind of sane or orderly fashion. When we refuse to spend time thinking we live more like animals than dignified humans.

I have only two minutes left to finish this post. But I want to encourage you today, to not only spend time today on eating and drinking and fixing your hair.....but to also spend just a few quiet moments alone in thought.
It is blessed.

Peace out,