Saturday, December 28, 2019

Designed to Make You Not Think?

We are all familiar with the dazzling lights that Vegas style casinos use to intoxicate and mezmorize
gamblers..... so that they lose count of what money they have or what they have bet and just want to keep matter what the personal cost is for their 'play" time.

But I wanted to mention a quick idea today. What things distract you in your "normal life" that prevent you from learning anything valuable?  Are the books too expensive? Are the best books that suit your interest too hard to find? Are your roommates noisy and your cat chews on your library books and now you owe them 10$ in book damage fees? Are your eyes too tired from staring at computers at work all day to read  or listen to anything of substance after a long day at work?
Does your your "significant" other demand all the energy you have left once your workplace has taken it's daily cut?

But I want to ask you. Where are you headed? Are you letting life lead you? Or are you leading your own life with your own goals?

People who read, people who carefully choose books or audio books or seminars based upon their life goals are moving forward....on their own terms. It's called self-led learning. No need to let anything or anyone or any circumstance get in the way between you and your ability to move toward your goal.

Just a thought....

Peace out,