Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Fame Does not Always Equal Great Wealth

I have noticed over the past year, with the rising fame of some "reality tv" folks, that even though many of these shows garner avid fans and followers and happily glean millions of views for the benefit of the networks that own the shows.....the stars who fuel the shows' success do not always earn very much for their fame.

If you are curious, do a few google searches of those who star in shows such as
"Life Below Zero"....you will be surprised by what you see.
The website may tout the $500,000 net worth of a star of this show, as if that is a large amount.
But that is a mere pittance compared the millions of dollars these shows earn from the hard work of these stars who expose their personal lives to the intrusion of cameras and camera crews for years.

I also think back to one of my wacky fave shows from several years ago, which was
TLC network's "Extreme Cheapskates". I recall one of the most compelling guest stars of that series, who was an American named Victoria Hunt. Her cheapskate antics garnered millions of views. However, I don't feel like she has been able to truly cash in from the fame of her popular episode which catapulted her to nationwide recognition. Perhaps she was uncomfortable with the attention?
But she sure was great with saving money. Perhaps she could have hired someone to help her more effectively monetize her new found fame.

Do you know of someone famous who wound up with less than a million in net worth? Did it surprise you, because you were a big fan and mistakenly thought that "star" was fabulously wealthy???

With the proliferation of the internet over the past decade, airing so many "home grown" net stars, there are untold millions of humans across the globe who have  millions of fans and viewers, but little cash to show for their hard work.

If you happen to get famous, be a smart cookie ....... hire a good agent, marketing manager, and at least sign a grrrrreat book deal ok???

In peaceful productivity,