Friday, November 8, 2019

Why You Just Might Succeed

You just might succeed because  when your friends...your family and perfect strangers giggled at your goals persevered.You plodded onward.

Even when u ran out of money u didn't back down. The money finally surrendered to your will as you conquered it's mystique. You now have more than you need and plenty to share.

You finally understood that success does not always rest upon the prettiest, the fastest or the affluent. You waited for wisdom to reveal herself to you. You were patient and alert.

You tore through books. You asked questions. You weren't shy to speak your goals aloud and often to yourself. You tweaked your list of goals as often as needed...
but not to please anyone other than yourself. You became the creator of your own destiny.

Sometimed people listened. Sometimes people laughed.

And they who once mocked you are calling you desperately for advice. Folks who criticized you openly are now bragging of those times long ago when they knew you.
You smile gently.

You learned to smile when folks were cruel. You learned to let nothing disuade you from your chosen path.

It is righteous. It is good.

Now you have reached that pleasant plateau...where not only have you reached your own personal goals....but you can help others reach their's too.

It is so well.
It is so good.
Thankyou God.


Tuesday, November 5, 2019

There for the Taking

My local city libraries have approximately 170,000 items on their shelves. That total spans two library branches located within our city limits. i dont live in a particularly large city. however, our local libraries are well used by residents and highly valued by city planners.

I so enjoy that legendary Robin Williams film entitled "Good Will Hunting". It's main character, a rebellious genius, gets into a verbal battle with an Ivy League brat, by stating quite convincingly.... that he was able to get all the same knowledge as the ivy brat simply by paying less than 5$ a year in late fees to his local public library. i can't help but applaud. 

Now  before u think i am just some bookworm with a penchant for books....permit me to enlighten you otherwise. I am not a mere reader of books.

i read to learn. THEN i take what i have learned and try it out in the real world. I put into practice what i personally study. Through trial and error i tweak my strategies until i receive the desired outcome.

Much of what i have personally put into practice which has propelled me forward in life, has been eagerly gleaned from free or low cost high quality books. Sometimes i splurge on a high cost book and usually discover it is worth every single penny...even if the cost is over a 100 dollars. Good timely accurate information is priceless.

Some of my learning curve has stretched from written pages to dance playfully with websites, podcasts and blogs.  i have also , on more than one occasion, taken it upon myself to personally contact a well respected author with the intent of being able to ask more precise questions. 

 I pride myself on having the courage to contact well accomplished authors for the sole purpose of learning more about a vital subject of interest.

You must bet on yourself sometimes, to use the skills u already have to get u moving towards your written life goals. 

Well, i am going to be brief today. i am simply going to ask u  a question. Are u sure that u have taken full advantage of what your local public library has to offer?  Have u maxed out it's advantages for the attainment of your life goals?

It just may be possible, that somewhere, hidden in a massive library book shelf or in a stack of audio book cd's..... lies the next bite of information u have been waiting for. Don't u want to get that much closer towards the accomplishment of one of your life goals?You are passionate about your life goals aren't u ?

in peaceful productivity ,