Thursday, August 22, 2019

The Cost of Freedom

I am not talking about war....nor weapons in the traditional sense of weaponry...but I am talking about
trappings of the soul and mind....which bind and trip up us mere mortals...when and if we allow them to do so.

There's a verse in the bible (james 4:7) ...which encourages us to
"Resist the devil and he will flee"...

That verse, in my understanding, also applies to things which trap our minds and lives ....snares and concepts and personal policies which prevent us from living fully. Even religious rituals which may have been initially created out of sincere love and devotion, can become warped and compulsive habits which control and bite out huge chunks of time which we would otherwise use to pursue our  wonderful life goals.

We need to be in control of ourselves, and not allow rituals to rise and become dictators over our time and dedication.

If we truly want to achieve our life goals , we must be permitted by ourselves to devote 100% of our time towards these goals...without being manipulated by guilt or a sense of inordinate religiosity.

Try to do only those religious activities which add real value to your life and your honoring of God.The rest is a waste of time and a thief towards your goal setting.

Has someone ever told you how to dress, how to wear makeup and where you should go?

How did you feel when they told you these things? Did they pretend that they were advising you these ideas "for your own good"? Or was it all just a guise to control you and keep you down? Was it an attempt to try to make sure you didn't have a better life than they did? Was it an attempt to make sure you had less success or fame than they had? Were they just trying to prevent you from making them jealous?

Envy is still a monstrous giant...a sneaky rebellious reptile, which will cause even the closest relative to put a stumbling block in front of another family member just to prevent progress and slow down your path to success.

When you sit down and ponder life...... check in on the status of your progress towards the accomplishment of your life's goals, don't forget to check in in your habits. Any habits which do not carry the sweet scent of freedom, are not helpful. You and your mind and your body must have the time and emotional and spiritual freedom to work on your goals with 100% dedication. Multitasking will not do.
If loving God is supposed to give us freedom......that freedom should give us full permission to live
a joyous, challenging, adventurous and wonderfully kooky life. It should not be boring, or predictable or safe by any means. Jesus lived a life of great adventure. He was also sinless. His freedom led him to lay  down His life for us all. What a treasure. What humble freedom. What passion Jesus showed for us, in that he harnessed all the power within his personal freedom and used it to  conquer death and the grave. He overcame any negative thing that would try to steal our joy or progress.

Whatever religious activities you are personally involved, I pray that they are bringing you closer to the freedom and joyful spirit of God who birthed in you  those goals that are sooooo worth fighting for. Peace on,

Extreme Fat Farm Experiment #1

OKOK,,,,, enough already. Time to come clean....... if I haven't blurted it out already.

The Extreme Fat Farm I operate....has how many members???
Do tell.

OK,'s really just me. I put myself into my own self orchestrated massive
Extreme Fat Farm Challenge.

The fat farm is just me and my big fat ego.
No members....other than me myself and I.

But since my readers are smarter than I am, y'all figured that out months ago no?

Sigh....feels good to be in the clear.

Ok, so now an update on the Extreme Fat Farm Experiment.( and thus it will be called from now on)

Well, so far I've convinced one other person to also jump  in her local lake too. Not my zone,but in her own local  zone's lake/bay. And I must say that I am quite surprised that someone actually took my advice at face value and tried it for herself. She said it was quite refreshing.

Have you done anything kooky lately and convinced someone else to try it too?
Did you spend many days, months or even years trying to get someone to try that new thing you discovered?

Part of the miracle or natural wondrous power of a pure natural jump into the lake is the
massive change in temperature that quickly affects the whole body, mind and spirit.
Lakes are usually cooler rather than hot, and this cooling affect resets something in the inner core of our being.

I've written before about how Tony Robbins, ( yes THAT Tony Robbins) makes a regular habit of soaking in ice cold water before he gets going on one of his high octane conferences/seminars.
Tim Ferris is another celeb who also touts the extreme "inner reset" that occurs when you immerse your body in ice cold water. ( his own ice machine will bear testament to his extreme approval of this type of ice cold water plunge 'therapy".)

Well, that's all for now, friends. Thanks for riding with me this unruly moose called life.