Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Protecting your Personal Power

This post may be a little bit "out there".
On that note,.....if you can't relate to it...then just keep moving along and perhaps pass it on to someone who can use it.

What I want to talk about today is how one can protect one's personal power.... specifically from a woman's perspective....because that is the only perspective I can reasonably speak from.

So,  over my lifetime,thus far, I have noticed a few habits and practices which I  perceive to help people stay focused and retain their personal power in order to achieve their personal goals.
Consider one on the list....or consider all.

1/ Not eating in front of strangers. Eating in public opens you up in a way that no other activity does.
When you are going for a walk,  and bring  along a may want to wait to nibble on your snacks only when you are out of eyeshot of others who may be walking by.

Eat with those you love. You trust them. They protect you and your goals.

2/ Covering your head..... As a woman, especially if I am out in public, i have found myself to stay more focused and covered and powerful if I cover my head with some kind of hat or scarf. This also applies to when attending worship services in public. I am not saying this idea is a "must" but that I have noticed that it does have a way of protecting my personal power.

3/ Covet and protect your own decision making power by doing something unexpected and completely originating from your own set of written goals, at least once a week. It may be something unusual like walking backward while carrying weights when you go pick up the mail at the community mail box....Or it may be something very ordinary, but still "you-ish" such as painting your front yard planter in bright red. These kind of activities tell the world that you are in charge of your own destiny and that you will never back down from accomplishing your own goals in your own way and in your own time.

4/ Be ok with standing alone with your goals. This is very key. Many of us live in situations or work in work atmospheres that are not conducive  or   encouraging toward our life's goals. It is IMPERATIVE that you keep yourself on track to acheive your own written goals....NO MATTER what it takes. Take  your written list of goals with you in your wallet or purse and recite them aloud on your way to work. Or record a verbal recording on your personal cell phone of you speaking your written list of goals out loud. Listen to your list discreetly whenever is reasonable throughout your work day. Perhaps you may even have to hide in the bathroom at work just to protect a brief 60 second chunk of time in order to listen to or speak out your written list of goals. Keep your list in a handy location that you can find easily all day and every day. Protect that  list. Laminate it if you wish. I am currently storing my list in a zip lock baggy in my purse. I recite my goals every day.

5/ Protect your ears from useless public "free" media that does not help you on your journey to accomplishing your goals. What do I mean by this "free" media?
Radio....time and space wasting . Why clutter up your commute with auditory trash? Why not deliberately choose what you listen to on your way to work or other appointents? You can take audio books or take your own recordings of your fave documentaries to listen to as you travel throughout your week days.
Hack your auditory zone. Fill it with libraries full of positivity and empowerment.

TV. Although many  TV Stations are not free, especially if you pay for a hefty cable or streaming TV web service, we still need to be reminded that when we watch TV, often we are allowing the TV station managers to choose the programming that will occupy potentially huge chunks of our leisure time. You CAN manage your time. It is God's greatest gift to you.

Well that is all for now. I pray that this post will give some clarity to your efforts to protect your own personal power.