Wednesday, March 6, 2019

He Loves Catching Fish

Lately when the mood takes me, I watch a certain fishing reality type show on Netflix about some
eastern side fishermen who make their living from the sea.
One of the older gentleman, as he was describing to the camera person how he felt about his occupation said simply and with much eagerness " I love to catch fish!".

That was the point. I think that the thrill of the hunt is what compels most success stories.

Robert Kiyosaki took a short real estate seminar that launched him into real life real estate investing when the seminar's teacher gave a challenge to his go into the real world and go visit 100 potential investment properties. Many of the students gave up....they couldn't be bothered to
finish the challenge. But Robert Kiyosaki was one of the few to complete the challenge.

After completing the challenge, Robert completed his very first real estate purchase. He had paid his dues by listening humbly to his teacher and completed every single challenge the teacher offered to him. He is now a millionaire many times over. He stayed persistent and humble and teachable.
He still loves the thrill of the hunt for his next real estate purchase or compelling business deal.

People who succeed in investing in the stock market may study and read and learn for years before they take the plunge and try "fishing" for stock market wealth with real money. They are patient, they are persistent....and they always learn from their mistakes. Investors thrive on the thrill of hunting for their next big investment deal. They want to get in on a deal that will net them a big winfall.

Learning in the real world is not about avoiding making  any mistakes....its about becoming mature enough to learn something from those mistakes, and then getting up, dusting off your knees and trying again and again and again and again. It's about never giving up until you find what you have been hunting for for years.

Stay thirsty for the thrill of  the hunt!