Monday, November 5, 2018

Don't Feel Worthy of Shelf Space?

I was grocery shopping yet again....gazing through the mags filed neatly at eye level by the cash.
I usually make a beeline with my minds eye to People magazine...because that is pretty  much the only one that has earned my trust over the years. Yes, there are a few british ones that feature the royal family which migh also make my trusted list...but you get my  point.

Why would a large respectable nationwide grocery chain give prime shelf space right by the checkout to so many tabloids filled with lies? Not even white lies.....bold brash....
"not in a million years could they be true" kinda lies.

Why? Because someone is buying these lies....regularly and with vigor.
 Stores will sell whatever people will buy.

So, let me tell you, hope you're still with me....don't flip to another page.....
Don't you have something inherently more valuable and trustworthy than those trashy tabloids?
Do people trust you in a certain area of life because of your experience  because of your chutzpah?

Then, my tribe member, I want to encourage you to write. You deserve some good high quality shelf space.

If you can be truthful about any one small minute area of life, and help someone else across the globe understand that area just a wee bit better ....then YES you deserve shelf space. You deserve a piece of the internet pie.

You may not have the best grammar. You may not have the best tech saviiness, you may not know how to edit photos/videos in a Hollywood style crowd pleasing manner. But you are real and you are truthful . You have something important to share.

Just remember, my friends who blog and write and create stuff. Don't underestimate the value of what you bring to the table. Someone somewhere needs what you know. Someone somewhere wants to hear from you and be taught by you how to do or see or feel something different. Someone is waiting for you to step up and take up legit shelf space in their life. Make some noise my sister. Make some noise my brother.

If the tabloids can make billion dollar empires by selling lies, you for sure can earn some good coin selling something authentic.

In peaceful productivity and kindness,


P.S. Seth Godin was the guest speaker of Tim Ferris' podcast again recently....if you ever need some encouragment....his voice alone with do the trick.