Tuesday, June 12, 2018

essence of fulfillment?

Soo ...I'm watching a cheffy show "Chef's Table" on Netflix and this particular episode.... it's the story of  Christina Tosi, the creator of "Crack Pie".

She was speaking about how she started her little Milk bar bakery beside Momfuku ( as David Chang's colleague) and the satisfaction she had finally found after more than a decade in the basements of restaurants in New York City.

She grinned as she said " I finally had something that was mine that I had figured out ".

What a magical sentence.

Let me say it again ....and again.

I finally had something that was mine that I had figured out ".

I finally had something that was mine that I had figured out ".

I finally had something that was mine that I had figured out ".

Isn't that the essence of fulfillment? Of knowing you've achieved something on your own terms.... in your own version of what it means to be creative?

Not every idea is a winner...not every effort is rewarded...but
those who don't give up on those hunches, those creative nudges lead the way.. They find "quoi"...they find the  juice of life, that we creatives live for....to make something fresh and unknown. 

Then and only then, once we have firmly planted our feet in that unknown space and let others in to spy on us....that is when they begin to take the time to applaud and appreciate that new "thing" or "idea" or "cause" we have created from the dust....that ever present earth we find in our hands. At last, we feel at peace. we feel joy.

I am a fan of the late Wangari Maathai....whose passion for the mysterious circle of life between trees and water created a movement. One can not boil it down to simple facts.
When someone is passionate about what they need. Wangari needed trees. Wangari needed to protect what she loved . In her passion to protect what she loved, she took us along....to kneel by a stream and understand why it was the trees that brought the water, and the frogs and the well being. She helped us take a brief glimpse of that mysterious circle. She made us pause to dig a hole and plant something....anything.

what is it that you can help us understand? What is it that you understand better than your family and neighbors. Maybe it bears repeating. Maybe we need to hear you too.


Monday, June 11, 2018

Stock Market Shows

I was watching Consuelo Mack's Wealth Track and it was an older episode from March which featured fund manager David Giroux.

David Giroux shared some of his strategies for maintaining a prospering fund.
One of his tips was this:

Writing covered calls on low volatility dividend stocks.
He also name dropped some of his fave stocks such as
 Becton Dickinson and Co (NYSE: BDX)

as well as Fiserv Inc  (Nasdaq: FISV)


I am curious as to how other humans watch shows like this.
Do individual investors have any business at all listening to advice from someone who manages millions/billions of mutual fund money, supported by 200 global analysts?

Or is it simply a matter of trying to stay current with the lingo and refreshing our minds with the issues that confront all investors, penny pinchers, and big wigs combined?

Do you feel that institutional investors have anything at all in common with small time retail investors? Or is there an uncrossable chasm that separates the two?

Looking forward to reading your opinions in the comments below.

By the way, if you want to sample some of Consuelo Mack's Wealth Track shows, you can visit their
website : https://wealthtrack.com/how-david-giroux-delivers-stock-market-performance-with-much-less-risk/