Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Press Zero

To divest oneself of humanity may be more efficient...clean even.

Slick and sleek.

But what are we trying to prove? That we never need to hear a human voice? Never need another human being to help or serve us?

i am tired of self serve...gas stations and self scans at the grocery stores and department stores.
I am tired of choosing all my own options. I want to hear a friendly suggestion from a helpful polite
salesperson. I don't want to bag my own groceries. I don't want to count my own change.

I don't want to access the "automated" telephone system I can by pressing 5.

Sometimes I want to deal with someone like myself.... a messy imperfect human with imperfect scores. That's who I want to sell me something and punch in my sale into some kind of cash register. That is who I want to pump my gas or do my taxes. I was not born entirely by my own effort. My Mom had a lot to do with it, as well as some deft doctor and probably more than one nurse. We can not deliver ourselves into this world. We need each other. We always have and always will.
Needing other humans is not a character flaw.

So sometimes, I will not choose the automated efficient and speedy slick route. I will choose the slow and friendly route without robots and machines, and let another messy human serve me kindly. And yes, I will still press Zero.


Monday, May 14, 2018

Do not blog to be heard

Do not blog to be heard...but to hear.

Do not blog to show this to all...but rather to be able to see things differently.

Blog to give yourself an ear to hear yourself and your Maker, swinging gently on the swing of life.

This is a great Tree.

Knowledge is a gift of God. Knowledge is not locked within any book, but sometimes hidden in one.

 The appreciation of it comes deep from within the heart of a humble man.

Kindness and gentleness are the apt caretakers of those who love wisdom...who seek to uncover knowledge yet unknown.

Walk gently yes, but always with accuracy and deft of purpose, a waiting heart receives them.


the Poetry of Money

It is often in the throws of poverty, that one begs of God for money.

But God is sometimes silent, when he wants us to stand alone, to think things through in quietness

and humility within the hunger for wisdom and accurate knowledge.

God did not make money. Money is a man made item.

Therefore mastery over money, while inspired and empowered by God's Holy Spirit, is not done by

shedding oneself of one's humanity, but rather by embracing it.

To embrace the simple faculties that allow one to align with abundance .

To permit oneself to be made useful, to be paid for one's usefulness.

To remember what works and shed what doesn't.

To lather...rinse and repeat once one has grasped something that functions in the material world.

Stop trying to escape the grit, the sandy shell in which is hid billions.

It is through the humility of dust and dirt and grime that grand fortunes are made.

A gold treasure from a shipwreck from long ago, is unearthed from deep chilly depths, covered with

hundreds of years of crumbled sea shells tossed to and fro in the currents. So much sand... and

intimidation. Such patience is required.

It is simply the one who digs who finds the treasure....

the one who digs.