Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Enjoying Seth Godin's Perpetual Breakfast Smoothie

Yes, yes...when I run into a unique idea that's DO-ABLE....I run run  run to try it out for myself.

And so YES, I finally got to try Seth Godin's advice on breakfast.....
( you can listen to Seth describe it more fully in the Tim Ferriss interview that Tim podcasted :
link is

 So, from my memory of the podcast.....the simple formula is

1 frozen banana
hemp protein powder
almond milk
dried plums

When I tried it, I used dried pitted dates instead of dried plums and........
WOW, this smoothie is a WINNER!

I also like the added comment which Seth made in that podcast, which was this......he doesn't make decisions about breakfast.....but just makes this on auto-pilot and then crafts fresh coffee for his wife and any visitors. That way he has eliminated another "decision making zone" from his early part of the he can get back to doing what he loves and is paid to do.......which is "notice things".

(by the way, seth doesn't actually drink coffee himself, but loves the art of brewing the perfect cup.)

Talk to you soon friends,