Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Oro African Methodist Episcopal Church : National Historic Site

Come experience a visit to the National Historic Site of the Oro African Methodist Episcopal Church.

The land where the church rests contains the unmarked graves of Black pioneers who settled in Oro to escape the conditions in the the States. It  was inspiring that God would choose to let our provincial flower "The Trillium" to grow so lavishly in the wooded area of the property. A fitting tribute of acknowledgement....that we are all apart of the fabric of this beautiful province and to celebrate our history here.

Come see it for yourself.... a gentle visit in an unassuming corner......
The church is at the corner of Line 3 and the Old Barrie Rd..
For more information check out this online brochure:

Monday, May 22, 2017

Baby Geese and Too Many Flowers to Count

baby Canadian Geese.

In Canada the rights of Canadian Geese are protected....they are a national symbol.

I have no idea what kind of tree this is....but the miniature pine cones caught my eye, by their cute size and resembling a rose made out of the woody pine cone.

The lowly dandelion....still striking amid the ole winter's dry grasses.