Wednesday, March 29, 2017

My ole Samsung GT-S7560M still takes AWESOME Pics!

 Can you see the minute details of the flower? Even the tiny hairs on the flower petals are clearly visible.All three of these photos were taken with my

Samsung GT-S7560M.
I love the way the external texture of this flowering cactus is so inviting through this pic. Don't you feel like you can just reach in and touch one of the succulent leaves?

There are times when keepin' it  "Old School" pays off. And that's exactly how I feel about my ole
Samsung cell phone Camera feature.

This phone is probably at least 5 years since it was first introduced to the marketplace.... maybe it's even older than that!
I bought it several years ago and the store couldn't even sell me a case that fit it. But I am writing today just to celebrate the fact that Samsung really created a profoundly excellent camera on their very early version cell phones. Check out these nature pics that I took with my Samsung GT-S7560M cell phone!