Thursday, March 3, 2016

It Pays to Know How YOU your own Unique Way

Do you curl up with a thick book and can't put it down until you've mastered the concepts therein?

Or do you have a notepad near your study area and jot down key points just to help you process the information.....even if you never look again at those find that the jottting down process helps you learn.

Or do you prefer to listen to seminars via audio files on your Ipod or MP3 player?
Do you love audio books?

And then there are tactile learners that prefer to learn only through hands on learning they can feel the experience in their very own fingertips. Chefs, mechanics, artists may all have qualities in this category along with many others.

Figuring out how you learn well, will revolutionize your independent learning path.

As for me, I discovered just a few years ago, that I am a very strong "auditory" learner and that I have a HUGE amount of patience to list to the same files over and over again as long as they are in audio form. I learn well with EXTREME  REPETITION and the repetitive style doesn't even make me bored!

I write this post to encourage you.....don't give up on your interest in learning just because some highschool teacher didn't understand your skills or learning style. And don't feel like you have to choose just ONE method of learning.

For example, just because I prefer to learn in an auditory mode, doesn't mean I just stop reading things. Nope, I still dive headfirst into oodles of power packed books. But in the midst of my "self led" independent study I try to incorporate several videos ( whethe via youtube or some other video source) into my educational path. I replay them over and over and over again until I glean what I wish from the video.

Any thoughts? Any comments. Do the comment section below.