Saturday, June 20, 2015

When Socialism Doesn't Work

When a socialist sees an employee that lives in poverty.....he shrieks and cries that the government should
 contribute dollars towards the betterment of the employee's lifestyle. But effectively he then locks that worker into a dysfunctional and unprofitable business.

One of the errors I see in Socialism, is that they don't apply quality assessments towards the businesses, jobs and workplaces that they want the "government" to support. It appears to me that socialists do not care to address the reasons for the inherent poverty that a certain business or industry produces.

Some businesses should have gone completely out of business many years ago.....but the governments of the world threw money at them and sponsored their poor business model and impractical business practices.

Capitalists at least have the courage of heart to look at a business at face value, without being manipulated by emotional sentiment. They assess the financials and if the business can effectively and efficiently produce a monetary profit, they are interested in promoting and maintaining the business.
Capitalists feel no compulsion to rescue dying or dysfunctional businesses.

Some businesses should not continue to exist in their current forms. Some businesses need to be completely torn down and rebuilt from the ground up. It is not in our long term best interests to prop up businesses that can not stand up under financial scrutiny.

Some subsidies, when dolled out willy nilly, wind up endorsing and supporting the perpetuation of failing business models.....and in the long run, undermine the economy that they are supposed to be stimulating and safeguarding. We want to build a society and a culture of financially sound, logical, rational businesses that will proudly employee our citizens within the quality of their business structure, supplying quality products to the world.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Are STocks keeping up with Inflation?

Jus' thinkin' aloud again....
I must say that I have always been more interested in equities than in owning chunks of debt instruments, such as bonds.

But there is a looming threat called "inflation" which is something for which we may just not be prepared.
It's all well and good if our stocks are increasing in "numeric value" representing real capital gains. But if
the average loaf of bread is going to rise to $8 a loaf then, the REAL TIME VALUE of our portfolios must be re-assessed to reflect and hedge against this type of threat of inflation. Large numbers of dollars don't really mean much if it is going to cost a lot more just to get around town, buy your food and support the roof over your head. REAL increase must reflect an increase in REAL buying power....not just the dizzying knowledge of growing numbers on your investment statements.

One of the things I love about stocks, is the proverbial "drip" plans in which one can re-invest any dividends payable and they magically produce more shares to own....without any pesky commission fees.

But how is it going to affect long term investors, if the underlying stock prices do not rise with inflation and the cost of living? Is it possible that a drip will lose "real time value" simply because the share prices do not keep up with the cost of living? I am wondering if even many blue chip companies might be affected by this predicament. For a blue chip company can have a steady positive cash flow and  pay out reliable dividends and still their share price may not be rising as fast as inflation.

It's all well and good to invest long term in equities with the added cushion of DRIPS helping you to accumulate a larger portfolio, but if in the long term those equities do not represent real "BUYING POWER" in which you can tap into into your retirement years....what is the point?

Stocks have to carry clout, and the only way they will continue to carry weight in the eyes of investors, is whether they can be sold at an undetermined point in the future for real dollars,.....real dollars that buy real food, pay for real real estate, and support a decent lifestyle.

I'd be more than eager to hear your thoughts on this matter, my most intelligent readers.
God bless.