Saturday, February 28, 2015

Paid to be Me

Not a pipe dream anymore. Folks like Tim Ferriss and Seth Godin have proven that not only can you survive and get by just by doing what you wanna do....but you can actually build an economic empire using the same strategy.
And now it will come to pass that women too will start squeaking out a beautiful stream of coin by following their own hearts. Yes, it might take just a wee bit more chutzpah than the average gal possesses, but it is become more within the realm of possibility than ever before.

Just don't count yourself out. Don't let any belief system force you to limit your choices.  Keep your options open and know that the earth is yours because God gave it to you. You are inheriting the earth because you are teachable enough to learn how the ropes work and use them with all your might.

So, yes, it is a good day today...because today I know that the day has come....I am being
"paid to be me".

Peaceful productivity.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

May This Day

May this day bring you space...for not only your feet to rest, but for your spirit to rest too.
May this day bring you a name ....a name of a human that will inspire and encourage your journey....the journey that you have selected with God's help. May that person whom God leads you to, possess some of the knowledge and information you need in your current situation. May he/she be willing to share that precious data with you in a format you can digest.

Don't be afraid to pray. Some folks have the idea that if they get God involved in their decision making process, that God is going to to mess up their lives, and force them to live in an impoverished place without the modern amenities of life. But where did we get that from? I don't believe that God wants to interrupt our decision making processes. He wants us to fellowship with Him and get His inspiration and then grow up and make the decisions ourselves.

Yes, there are times it seems that we float on God's choices, He seems to know that there are times when we really aren't capable of doing what we need to do for His Spirit carries us through those times. But then there are the times when God is asking us to mature and to grow up. He didn't create us as robots. He respects our free will and expects us to use it.

Yes, it certainly is scarier to make our own decisions, because then the buck actually stops with us. We make our own choices and somehow can't blame God or any other human for the choices we have made. That is what maturity is all about. Being willing to let the buck stop with us. Being willing to be accountable for our own choices.

And yes, God is still there, not carrying us like a little infant, but walking beside us like two adults talking quietly as they walk together on a path through the park. God respects you. See Him as He takes time to be with you and you with Him. See Him listening eagerly to your thoughts and ideas. See Him taking His time to respond and think about what you have said to Him. He believes in you and all that you are and all that you have in your mind to do and to be. Listen to Him and He will listen to you.