Sunday, March 9, 2014

Gluten Free Has GONE MAINSTREAM !!!

I am so grateful for this change of events. I have discovered that in my neck of the woods in Ontario, Canada.....that alas finally....gluten free foods have GONE MAINSTREAM!

Why do I believe that this shift has finally occurred? Because I was in Shopper's Drug Mart the other day, and lo and behold there was a large section allocated in between the "regular" foods, that was exclusively fore GLUTEN FREEE foods~! WOOT WOOT!.

This discovery confirmed to me that finally another major retailer has come to the conscious conclusion that
"helping" consumers who are trying to live a gluten free lifestyle is a lot smarter than ignoring them and pretending they don't exist. Bonus points for Shopper's Drug Mart.

So now, the following major chain stores carry a good selection of gluten free foods:
Food Basics
Shopper's Drug Mart.

Hmmmm do any other stores come to mind? Does Walmart carry a good selection of gluten free foods?
Let me know if you know of any retailers that do and post your comments in the comment section below..

Peace and Health.