Tuesday, September 11, 2012

George Washington Carver

"You have shown me the one race, the human race. Color of skin, or form of hair mean nothing to me now, but length, and width, and bredth (sic) of soul and loving kindness mean everything"
Quote obtained from Page 214 of book entitled George Washington Carver-Scientist and Symbol written by
Linda O. McMurray.

The above quote was written by one of the young men that George Washington Carver mentored.
Carver lived at a testy time in US history....when opportunity and prejudice both abounded. When discovery and ingenuity were paramount to financially survive.

I sense from these books about  Professor Carver, that he understood that he had to rise above the hostile feelings of others towards him, and focus on what he was good at,...namely discovering creative products from everyday agricultural items and from the earth.

Carver's focus was on helping the poor sharecroppers take advantage of inexpensive seed crops and use them to promote their own economic well being. He promoted better nutrition through advising poor farming families how to take advantage of good sources of protein that were less expensive than meat.

I glean great encouragement from reading about George Washington Carver, because he chose to help people where they were at. He saw people in their poverty and didn't admonish them, but rather helped them to see the opportunity right in front of them. He helped them provide better meals for their families without incurring more expense.
There is something to be said for a motivational speaker who accepts people right where they are at.
The world is full of people who want to change you into something bigger or richer. But the humble professor Carver, addressed people right in the midst of their humble circumstances and gave them simple ways to improve their health and their economic well being.
May we be less eager to renovate the lives of others and more willing to start with simple small steps of improvement of our own.