Monday, August 13, 2012

Gluten Free at Taco Bell

Ok, by popular demand, here's a post about gluten free foods at Taco Bell.
According to their website
see for yourself:
You can click on the DOWNLOAD button on their allergen listing and receive the list at no charge.
You will note that ALL but one of their foods contain gluten. It appears from the above noted webpage that their only menu item that does not contain gluten is their nachos and cheese dish.
This does NOT include their Nacho supreme dish which DOES contain gluten.

Therefore think twice about what you are ordering if you are sensitive to gluten or completely allergic to gluten. Read the fine print and up to date notices on the above noted website.
Ingredients in restaurant foods can change over time, and companies should, in good faith, update their websites frequently to accurately reflect the presence or absence of gluten in their product menu.

Be well, sisters and brothers in the Lord. Remember to seek out professional medical advice ONLY from licensed medical professionals.
Best in Christ,