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Friday, January 21, 2011

Gluten and Lactose Free Foods

One of our family members is sensitive to gluten and lactose. So it has become a bit of a hobby to find foods that are gluten and lactose free that taste great too. Well, I've found two lately.
One is called "Larabar" -- the cashew one. It's wrapped like a small canday bar and is a good energy boost. I bought it at Zehrs on sale for $1.99. The  taste is great . perfect for a snack on the go.

The other find was a cheese substitute made from soy called " Earth Island-- Vegan Gourment-- Soya Mozzarella Flavour. I am told it also melts well. So far so good, taste is pretty good considering it is a soy product and has that moist "tofu-ish" feel to it. The saleslady in the store said that it freezes ok too.
It's a little pricey , but I bought it for 5.99 for 284 grams at Zehrs in the health food section.

Anyone have any gluten free or lactose free recommendations ?
PS.Jan 24, 2011. a new gluten free favourite is polenta. It sold ( one kg package ) on sale at Food Basics for 2 dollars and change. It's made by Aurora and is ready to serve/fry. It's very versatile. Technically it is not a certified gluten free food, but since it only has the following 5 ingredients, it's cool in my book: water, corn meal, salt, tartaric acid, sorbic acid. Bon Appetit!