Monday, July 21, 2014

One Person One Tree -- As Wangari Maathai Would Say

I've been getting thoughtful again, rereading and re-reading again the literary works of the late
environmentalist and human rights activist Wangari Maathai.

Have you read any of her books? Some of her most well known titles are:

Unbowed: A Memoir
The Challenge for Africa
Replenishing the Earth

I continue to be humbled...literally to the ground when I spend any significant amount of time studying the writings of this legendary figure.

Her good will towards mankind seemed to know no bounds. Her willingness of sacrifice and
give up a life of leisure indicated her commitment to protecting the environment and helping bring empowerment to impoverished women across the world, starting in her own native country of Kenya.

One of Wangari's statements was her aim to have  one tree planted in Kenya for each person of the population....hence the mission statement arose from her writings: One Person One Tree.

I believe it is not an impossible mission, but rather something that is quite practical and do-able.

I live in Canada. I love my Country and all of it's incredible natural resources. We pride ourselves  here in Ontario, in the many green belts of prime agricultural land that lies across our province. We savor the ripe fruits and local vegetables that grace our tables.

However, the idea of planting just one tree to represent our existence in this land of plenty is a nouveau thought.

It will take some effort to accomplish this task. If you are a landowner then it will not be too difficult to accomplish this goal. Simply find out from your municipality where you are allowed to dig and plant trees, so as to avoid hitting any buried gas or other utilities underground. Then locate a tree nursery and buy and then plant one precious healthy seedling into healthy rich dark soil. Give the new seedling plenty of water especially for the first 30-60 days until it gets the chance to establish it's roots into it's new home of soil.

Then enjoy and watch the tree continue to grow and blossom and eventually become large enough to house a local bird family, the occasional squirrel and become shade for man and beast.

What do you think of Wangari's mission? Is One tree planted per person a possibility in your  country?
Is it something that you can see yourself doing?

Looking forward to reading your comments and discussion in the section below.


Saturday, July 12, 2014

Demanding a Refill - Gospel for Asia

It never stops amazing me, the power of the love of Jesus to transform and heal brokenness.

If you are in the mood for an inspiring story, read this Gospel for Asia's story about a family broken by alcohol addiction and how one faithful missionary filled with the love of Christ, brought about a complete change in direction.

Demanding a Refill - Gospel for Asia

Friday, July 4, 2014

The Gluten Free Mine Field

Classified as "gluen intolerant" is what I have been told.
So I'm not an official "Celiac".....just ups and downs with symptomatic reactions to what I eat.

I'm grateful that this gives me a less intense pursuit of the gluten free lifestyle than those who
have been diagnosed with the real deal "Celiac".I've been told that real Celiacs can even get cancer from cheating on their gluten free diet....
Is that true? My heart goes out to you. It's hard enough finding gluten free food, let alone having medical pressure "forcing" one to find such gluten free items.

Anyway, so i Do try almost all the time to eat a gluten free "diet".......I don't really like that word
"Diet" as it sounds so controlling....and I'm not that kind of gal.

But I have found such a huge difference in my state of health when I eat exclusively gluten free items that it makes it worth the effort to hunt down, find, and pay for those gluten free items.

The ultimate score is when I can find something officially gluten free to eat that isn't priced high.
I have no idea why so many gluten free items are sooooo overrpriced. They aren't made from gold and so many gluten free products are made from rice...which is very low I just don't comprehend this issue.

Walmart has been the cheapest place I have found so far to buy gluten free groceries. Thank you Walmart!

Have you had any luck lately in providing yourself or a family member with a gluten free lifestyle?

Looking forward to your comments.

Friday, June 6, 2014

My own Snazzy Think Tank

Creating your own think tank…..

I don’t know if you’re like me….you may have a wonderfully different background than I do.

But perhaps we share a unique fascination with creating one’s own awesome

Creative zone.

For me, I would call it my own personal “Think Tank.”

Hmmmmm what would it include?

It would have four monitors connected to my ultra high speed computer with unlimited memory and super fast speed for downloads, uploads and sideloads….you get the picture.

On one of the monitor would be streaming CNN

The other one would be streaming BNN

The third might be streaming a personalized live updated screen of my favourite stock picks.

The fourth might be just a blank canvas such as this, in order to have a place to blurt out my brainchildren.

Then of course, I would need one monitor of the four that I would convert to using for the other sites I frequent, such as Hotmail…,, etc.

This think tank would be a room roughly 20 ft by 10 feet.

Along one long wall would be floor to ceiling white boards.

Along another wall just above my height would be a locked up book case, to house my precious literary treasures.

Which books mean the most to you? Which  books just mean something just because they exist, because they express something that is very personally significant to you?

Elsewhere in the room would be my favourite tilting ergonomic office chair. Something I can lounge it, but that can pop back into office work mode for intense computing.

The desks , there would be at least three of them…and must be perfectly suited to my height and comfortable sitting height.

The room would also need a huge set of speakers upon which I can perch my phone as a docking station and from which I can blast my favourite seminars or university classes.

You see, I have a bit of an obsession with M.I.T’s opencourseware….it’s the right price (free) and is taught at a level that is wonderfully above my own. Hey you got to reach up sometimes and hang around folks who know more than you eh?

What would you include in your own idea “CREATIVE ZONE”?

Wrinkled Papers

It is sooo important to be able to write in a similar manner as to how I speak.

In fact, it is one of the skills that has permitted me to go forward further into writing.


Had I not adopted this technique no doubt I would have given up writing years ago.

What is it about writing that is so eminently rewarding?

Is it because it somehow freezes in time the tone and

Substance of our thoughts?

The living legend. Mr. Seth Godin writes about taking up the practice of writing onto a public forum as regularly as possible, daily if possible.

He endorses writing, not in order to be swayed by public opinion and comments on your writing , but rather in order to hone your craft and to allow your written voice to flourish to fuller bloom.

I wholeheartedly agree. Writing on blogs is not even so much about the template or forum upon which you write, but rather that you are waltzing into an epic journey every time you pick up your pen, or your tablet or your piece of chalk.

I am under no illusions as to what the habit of writing means to different folks around the globe. Some scurry with their coins to internet café’s in order to plunk in a few precious tidbits of theory that they have been working on for months.

Others save their wrinkled paper notebooks and painstakingly transcribe them onto their blogs when their parents have taken the time to get their internet connection back up and running.

So blogging brothers and sisters, please don’t weary of the process. It is a journey. It is my walk of life.