Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Update on Soylent

I blogged some months ago about the creation of a new
food replacement system named "Soylent" which was invented by Rob Rhinehart.
I'm still intrigued, but must admit I haven't yet tried it out.
Perhaps I'm waiting for it's big release into Canada.
That's the big new update. Soylent is going to soon be available in Canada according to the latest gossip.

So that's good.
There's something so wonderfully geeky and straight forward, to be able to cut out at least one meal a day and replace it with something chemically designed to replace all the major food groups.

Now, since I am a natural girl and prefer earthy whole foods, one might be thinking....why on earth would someone like me be attracted to a powdery chemically blended product such as Soylent?
Well, as much as I am a gluten free granola, organic, wild berry picking cotton wearing earth loving gal, I also happen to be a bit of science geek,and proudly so.

What is equally as interesting as the product Soylent, is the story of it's development by a twenty something start up who raised much of his over million bucks via crowdfunding online and started mixing it up
in a nondescript warehouse straight from the bags of supplies he ordered online. It is truly synonymous with every other geeky breakthrough in that the creator, Rob Rhinehart, just went ahead and did it, without waiting for permission and without asking everyone and their cousin for their approval of his grand idea.

Perhaps there's a wee bit of computer nerd in all of us, that prefers to chill infront of our laptops and sip a meal in a bottle instead of cooking up yet another uninspiring meal.

Well, nuff about me. What do y'all think about Soylent?
To glean more data straight from the horse's mouth click here straight to Soylent's website:

Living Gluten Free in Canada

Just wanted to chat today about what it's like to try to live gluten free in Canada. I'd appreciate it if you add your feedback. It is a national whose parameters are expanding across many nation's lines and into mainstream culinary logistics.

All the best chefs are now very much aware that if they prepare some of their specialty dishes, that their guests may very well insist upon being served a gluten free rendition of their specialty. For all those in the culinary arts, it will pay off to be prepared in advance to serve your gluten-avoiding customers. Some customers will fall into the "gluten intolerant" category, which for me, means that consuming foods or beverages that contain gluten can cause digestive pain and discomfort but is not life threatening. But then there are the official "Celiacs" for whom the issue is a lot more crucial and can be life threatening.

If you are forming a restaurant of any kind or even a coffee shop, it will be in your best interests to have something completely sealed off and separate from your regular gluten containing menu items. Speaking from experience, I would rather eat something gluten free that has been commercially sealed in plastic and
is guaranteed to be gluten free, than something that folks "hope" is gluten free.

So what is it like to chase down a gluten free lifestyle in your home country? do you find it difficult....or inconvenient or embarrassing or too expensive?
I have found it to be all those things and more. But it is something that I have to deal with, and has become a part of my daily routine.

I do with that more fast food outlets had more gluten free menu items, as I am often on the go and don't want to have to sift through hundreds of choices before finally finding something that is gluten free. In Canada, Tim Hortons sells a great bowl of chili, that is gluten free. But sadly, Tim Hortons has discontinued selling the coconut macaroons that were their "claim to fame" in the gluten free world. Alas, not everyone likes coconut I presume.

I'm still waiting for KFC to produce a gluten free fried chicken option. Do you think my wish will come true?
Do tell!

Talk to you soon.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Mindfulness? I Think It Depends on What is On Your Mind

Yes, yes I know it's trendy.... everyone and their cousins are preaching some "gospel" of mindfulness.
But hey it's supposed to be uncool to ask actually "What" we are supposed to be mindful of.

But let's get real ok? Mindfulness is a little bit sketchy. Some folks talk about mindfulness as the next great teaching tool. But I want to say it again....just WHAT are we supposed to be mindful of?

As a Christian, I find this mindfulness idea to be rather grievous to a Christian's mindset.
We are taught to have the mind of Christ....not to just simply be "mindful".

If your mind is full, what really is it full of?

If you want to renew your mind, it's time to get in deep up to your elbows into the good ole bible, not some new age wonky unclear mystical teaching.

If you can find "mindfulness" in the bible, then please send me the verse from scriptures into the comment section below. I'm all ears.....


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

There's Never Been A Better Time to Be a Writer.....

It used to be an exclusive club....something for college professors in corduroy blazers with fashionable patches on the be able to say that they are an "author".

But the inner self of Indie Artists of today won't stay for that obligatory purgatory any more. They simply must write, in any form and fashion they want to....and write they will.

It's not that suddenly it has become ultra lucrative to be a writer, more so than before, it's just that the
opportunity to be heard in a multitude of different platforms has exploded.

Yes, after reading Stephen Baker's book "The Numerati" I realize that many of the content farms of the net, are simply being used by bigger forces to gather data, precious consumer and personal data that will be shaped and molded into something that can be sold to a bank or an ISP or credit card company.

But after all the worries about Big Brother fade away, there still remains my joyful conclusion
that it's simply the very best time in humanity to be a writer. Write on!

Choose any platform and choose your focus.... blog with Wordpress or Blogger, make elaborate Facebooks pages for your field, and carve out a niche with your Twitter account. If you are really obsessive about it, you might even start writing socially for Hub Pages, Helium or Bubblews.

The world is your oyster folks. Be discerning. Be discriminating. Let your platform reflect a part of what you want to say. But please don't ever be silent again. The human race is awakening..... awakening to the power of their own words .....and I for one, couldn't be happier.

Write on, dear friends....write on.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Thank you for Your Patience...

Tis a time of changes, not huge changes, just little tweaks and nips and tucks so that my blog can better reflect what I'm celebrating. So, I appreciate your patience, dear readers, who have surfed the blog over the past couple weeks to find it arranged in a multitude of different formats and configurations.
By the way, if you have some suggestions as to your favorites, I'm all ears.
I'm trying to format the blog in such a way as to not only please the appearance on PC's but also on Mobile.
Wish me luck!


Friday, November 14, 2014

Oh Lord, You're beautiful lyrics - Keith Green

If any of you like Karaoke and you feel like worshipping...there's nothing that beats singing with the original Keith Green. Be blessed.


I Still Believe

I still believe in dreams. I hope when I am over 90 years young that I will still be toting that party line.
It isn't just a romantic notion for me, it is a part of who I am.

If folks give up on their dreams, they become a shell of who they were meant to be.
Sometimes church folk get too spooky about life and act like we have to lay down our dreams to God and just give them all up. But I don't agree with that philosophy.

I believe that God works through our dreams and then nips and tucks us so that we stay on track to serve Him. We don't have to throw out our ambitions just because we have received salvation in Jesus.

I not only want to achieve my own dreams and to bring them step by step into reality, but I also want to be that one who will be able to teach others how to do the same. The goals can be very very different, but that foundational structure of setting goals and then putting steps into place to achieve one's ultimate goals are universal and can be achieved by anyone. Same playbook....different goal.

I am grateful for the examples of many brilliant men and women who have shown through the example of their lives, that yes indeedy, dreams can still come true. I am not sure why there seems to be so few
female role models in the field of success and motivation. There are oodles of successful women....why do so few teach other women how to do so?

I have found that  most of my mentors have to be male, just because I can not find the ferocious few women who are capable of leading and teaching others to do what they have done.....except of course for Barbara Corcoran , the real estate tycoon/author.

How about you?
Looking forward to reading your comments in the section below.