Friday, April 23, 2021

Start Slow Ladies.... Options are Really Not that Hard

If I can accomplish one of my would be this: 

To encourage and empower ladies like myself to try out the stock market. My wish attached to this wish, would be to empower ladies to understand the options market, such as it pertains to the stock market.

Yes, I know that retail "investing" is more public now than it used to be, but I just read an article today about how many folks are getting out of this because they just can't make it work?

Well, I am not running anywhere. I like equities and I enjoy the challenges of the stock market. I don't have it mastered,  but I still find it fascinating.
The stock market is an endless swimming pool to gracefully play in.

So few traders are female, that I have found it quite difficult to find female "gurus" . So, many of the folks I admire and glean bits of knowledge from are male. That means that the world of investing in the stock market is still wide open for women to come in and make their mark. There is still room for you ladies.

I read about Barbara Corcoran, who made a mark on New York City real estate, back when it was unusual for women to do so. If Barbara can face a fiercely competitive male dominated real estate landscape, then I certainly can face a fiercely competitive online marketplace for stocks, etfs and relevant options. 

There's no need ladies, to let the men have all the fun. Math is math and money is just numbers. If you can calculate your grocery money and how  to pay your mortgage every month, then you just might have enough skill to dip your little toe in the big "scary" stock market.

Start slowly. Get some books, ask around for recommendations from people who know more than you do and seem to have had some success. Watch some simple videos about the stock market. Make a few phone calls. Get a sense of what you need to get started. Get a sense of what risks you are able to face at this point in your life and based upon your level of knowledge. If you don't want too much risk, you might want to avoid options, until you thoroughly understand stocks first.

Well that's all for now,

Peace Ladies,

The Science of getting rich audio book by Wallace D Wattles

I hope that this video will post properly to my blog.

 It is quite an intriguing book that warrants a listen in my humble opinion. Even if you are generally not a big fan of motivational speakers or 'success' coaching types of books, you still might be able to glean some jewels from this audio book. What is to lose? A couple hours of time you might normally have wasted in front of the telly?

There is no charge to listen to these free high quality youtube videos. All you need is an internet  connection....and a phone or computer with speakers or earphones. Perhaps many years from now, we may not be so lucky as to be able to listen to these for free and at will. So, for now I will continue to enjoy them whenever I wish and as often as I wish. Thank you Mr. Wattles....and yes,
 thank you Youtube!

This book is ancient....but the good ones last through decades and even longer if they warrant our attention. Let me know what you think of it. Did it warrant your full attention? Would you recommend it to others?

What do i appreciate about Mr. Wattles' perspective? First of all, his approach is much more grounded than much of the "law of attraction" type of mystical thought that inhabit much of modern "self help" theory. In fact, there is a quite bold section of this book that emphatically encourages the reader not to engage in beliefs or practices which try to control outcomes in an "occult" type of way. Although I am not labelling the "law of attraction" as an occult teaching...i have discovered that some "followers" of  "law of attraction" gurus try to gain success through mystical and spiritually "unusual" means.

For the record, I am not against being mystical, as that indeed is one of God's attributes. He is a wonderful mystery. However, God's teachings, as I humbly try to understand them, have left me with a sense that God is both wonderfully mystical, intelligent, creative and practical. He knows what we need to do and be in order to get what we need and want. We don't have to dabble in odd mystical teachings to accomplish great things.

 One must always test with your heart and with your spirit and God's word, what you read and consume online or in books/audio formats that you buy or borrow from others. We must be wise in these days and not be easily swayed this way and that way by various teachings that may or may not be considered  as "good advice".

Mr. Wattles teachings are practical and optimistic in a natural yet inspiring way.

The only objection I may have against this book, is that it does appear to favor the teachings of Charles Darwin in terms of evolution. However, there is so much more in this little book which is beneficial, that I am quite willing to overlook the emphasis on evolution, in order to take advantage of the other rich portions.

Well, that's all for today. 
May you enjoy what God's best is for you today and always.

Peace out,