Monday, May 31, 2021

Early Retirement Downsides You Aren’t Prepared For... FIRE | Financial I...

Mike epic Canada Fashion...this young milllionaire self made investment "guru" gets into the philosophical experience of what it feels like to experience the F.I.R.E movement live and in person.
He speaks from the heart, and his honesty is really refreshing.

Very much un-like a lot of the *&*& you see and hear on social media, this young entrepreneur explains what he has experienced being so young and very much "out" of the rat race.

I won't give a need to watch this video for yourself if you are already in the F.I.R.E. movement or hoping to join it soon.

But I will say , that I really did appreciate this statement that Mike made in this video, that when you make a choice to retire early, it isn't an irreversible decision. You can change your direction and re-join the work force in any capacity you choose. It is all up to you.

Well, let me know how you like this Mike Rosehart's a good one.

In Peaceful Productivity,

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